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Don’t you love when the weather decides to warm up some? I can’t wait for the spring to finally kick in here in NYC. It’s still cold here (like winter seriously doesn’t want to go), and I am so ready to just lose this jacket business.

Since the weekend is here, I’ve got lots to do, namely: church, cleaning, finishing up projects and prepping for the week ahead. Today, in an effort to make something other than rice as the grain for my meal, I decided to try Quinoa. Have you tried that before? Tell me below, and if you have a yummy recipe, totes share it with me! *foodies unite!* I haven’t ever made quinoa myself before, I’ve eaten and enjoyed it prior, but today was the first time I jumped in and decided to give it a go myself. Definitely easy to do, and also don’t underestimate the power of the rise factor. Like, yeah.. this thing swells up so much! LOL. I attempted to make a small batch, well, let’s just say this batch became more like a good regular pot full of rice (not complaining though).

What’s funnier is, today I also came across this awesome Quinoa breakfast recipe video, and I definitely look forward to trying it next. My hubby is vegan, and I’m well, getting there lol. His diet completely changed and I’m still fighting the struggle (aka giving up my fave chicken – it’s the taste man), but I’ll eventually get there.

I also wanted to share, going forward I’ll be making some changes around here. I am sure I already mentioned Afroniquely You will evolve into the new Textured Girl Blogazine, and I seriously look forward to it. It will allow this space to be so much than just mostly hair. I’m also working more on my design site and totally knocked out recently a Sales Page for a coaching program and a full fledged Custom Coach Site! Yay me! Next up, launch a few blog designs I’ve been working on and also a full out refresher of my own FMD studio website.

What’s up for this weekend with you? Let’s chat below.

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~Hope you enjoyed! Till next time stay lovely and afroniquely you!

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xoxo Shae

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