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Growing our hair can sometimes seems to be a very long and tedious journey, this only occurs when we loose sight of what’s important however. Here are a few tips to help keep the journey good, fun and overall succesful.

Diet & Water + Exercise

A healthy dose of vitamins and protein are essential to hair growth and a healthy body. Getting enough calcium, vitamin B and A can promote healthier growth as well as getting some much needed scalp stimulation. Omega 3 fatty acids support good scalp, iron and vitamin B12 can support stronger hair follicles. Vitamins A and C found in dark green veggies are good for sebum production. Beans are also good for providing zinc, iron and protein for the hair. And as always eggs can be a good source of protein which will aide in Keratin building for the hair. (see this article for more on vitamins and their roles in hair growth)

Hair Hygenics

Washing your hair is important!! Your hair is meant to love water and trust me when I say, water loves your hair!! The fact is, washing your hair removes not only build up from the hair shaft and the scalp, it as well allows for a clean playground for your next hair adventure. The more buildup you have on the scalp, the more likely you are to get fungal infections. We don’t want anyone suffering from un-necessary scalp infections, so please, wash your hair! Washing your hair doesn’t mean focusing on your hair strands. It means focusing on getting the scalp clean. Using mild shampoo, preferebly sulfate free to cleanse the residue of the scalp, don’t worry, the hair will get the suds while rinsing, and that’s usually good enough.

Scalp Stimulations

Learn to love your scalp, give yourself massages. Do them while washing your hair, do it when you’re free at home and just want a way to relax. A scalp massage not only allows blood circulation on the scalp, it can greatly relax you and destress you after a long day. It’s win win! So try it! (see more on scalp massages here)

Drying your Hair

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Drying the hair is seen as important mainly because walking around with a wet head can only lead to one thing: getting sick! Additionally, leaving the hair wet can cause it to be susceptible to damage, hair is weakest when wet. But you don’t want to go around using harsh towels to dry your hair, your best options include air-drying in big plaits/twists or to use an old t-shirt or to use a microfiber towel. Whichever you choose, just be gentle!!

Condition, Condition!

Using conditioners play a big role in our hair care, conditioners add back what the air and often our shampoos have taken away. Using conditioners, specifically those loaded with oils and moisturizing properties will greatly allow us to have hair that is shinier, more moisturized and nourished. Conditioners also aid in detangling the hair and as well give your hair an added boost. You can choose between using creamy or liquid conditioners that fall into rinse-out, deep conditioning treatment and leave ins. Just be sure to add a conditioner to your regimen today.

Thou Shalt Trim/Dust

Trimming is seen as taboo for some, but it’s a holy grail. Now how often you trim is up to you! Everyone’s hair is different. Fact is, we all need it once in a while. That might vary from 3 months to 2 years for some, it all depends on your hair and your regimen and the condition of your ends. But doing a trim never hurts, it’s just a way to even up your hair. As well if you have knots and and splits, please get rid of them. It’s like thread, you know those two pieces together, once separated, it’s so much harder to get it back together, so you might as well get rid of it? Well yes, likewise for your hair, you get rid of it, because if you don’t it just ends up going up the hair shaft till it breaks right off.

Style It Up!

Hairstyle is your own individual touch on your hair journey. Choose hair styles that are not only fancy and in tuned with your style, but that as well protect all your hair work. Give the ends a rest, hide them if you can, or at least be very gentle to them. Don’t do styles that are tight along the hair line and the scalp. Try styles that will allow creative freedom, but be good for your hair as well.

You shall not manipulate!

Avoid over manipulation. Yes you want to get more styles going, but our hair cannot handle over manipulation. A majority of our hair type is fine stranded and too much touching and brushing only lends to breaking and splitting. So find hairstyles you can possibly keep in for about a week or even more from time to time. This does not say you can’t wash your hair in-between, but playing in your hair everyday is just a bit much.

Sleep Well

Get rest. Rest is like the holy grail for everything. If you’re tired you can’t function, likewise, if you are tired, your body won’t function well, and last I check, that scalp of yours is a part of your body. So if it’s not functioning well because all your energies are going into keeping you awake when you’re running on E, then your hair is going to suffer. Unhealthy scalp means less hair growth, means more stress for you, because you aren’t liking the lack of growth, and thus the cycle continues, no growth, more stress, no sleep. So please, relax, rest well, get enough hours of sleep, at least 7 hours of a deep REM phase sleep to have your body rejuvenate itself. Your body and your hair will thank you.

Get a Regiment and Document Everything!

Documenting what you do, your results, what your reactions were, how it affected both your hair and you is important. Take pictures, and take lots of notes and or videos. Share with yourself what you liked, didn’t like, what you did, would you do it again. Everything! It helps in the long run to see your progress or lack thereof and be able to assess what you should change.

Be Thou Patient and Steadfast

Patience is indeed a virtue and if you learn nothing else in a hair care journey, you learn patience!! Patience can make the difference between the journey being stressful, or it being a fun and wonderful experience. Hair does not just reach to the floor over night.. I mean yes if you get extensions sure, lol. But it won’t just miraculously get there naturally, so be patient, enjoy the ups and the downs. Learn from them, be steadfast in your ways and what you do. Be diligent in your hair care regiment. But most of all, live the journey!

I hope these were beneficial in some ways. And for lots more helpful goodies, check out the Naturals 101 page :)

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  1. I definitely need to start using some of these tips WAY more often. I have been natural almost all my life but i never actually started caring for and nurturing my hair until two years ago when i went to get my hair evened and trimmed by taken off my split ends. I ended up inadvertently getting the “big chop” since my hair was just that damaged.

    At first it was fun to care for my hair and play with styles and such but i have recently found myself slacking in the maintenance department and my hair has gotten dry and tangled. I didn’t even realize how much horror my hair was facing until the middle of my hair/head became SUPER tender and sensitive. I have never been tender headed, even as a child, so this was a HUGE wake up call. So thanks for posting this cause it will help me get my hair back into shape easier.

    I also suspect my length might go down quite a bit again if it trim/dust my hair but we shall see soon enough.

    Anywho, thanks for the post and much love to you.


    • Yep..our hair will always tell us what it needs, but it’s truly up to us to give it just that. I’m gearing up after this new cut to really go on the road to success with my hair. As well knowing and armed with more knowledge, I’m going to make this the best yet.

  2. Just had my hair natural from yesterday. I took it out of single braids and I’d had that style for a while. I put it in braids to grow it, seeing as relaxing had broken it all off! I’m left with no where near the length I had as a little girl, but I’m getting there. In the mean time I will be using these tips to encourage hair growth and what not. So glad there are black women out there, just being natural!

    • Yep! I have so many people come up to me and I say..”I can’t do it, I just couldn’t be natural” and I say why not? What’s so bad/difficult about it? I just don’t get it. And I hope these tips as well as other information across the site here will be helpful to you and your hair and life journey

  3. Thank you so much for these wonderful tips, I’m a new natural and looking for all the help I can get…I so do appreciate your time and effort in doing this
    Much Luv
    Babsie :)


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