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It seems more and more, you can walk into any Barnes and Nobles, Borders (sad to see that they are going by the way) and just about any other bookstore and find a plethora of hair care books. I myself own a few books, most of which were either marketed to the natural community or to the relaxed hair community. But let’s face it, hair care is hair care. In the end, the principles are all the same. Coming across The Science of Black Hair was an awesome treat.

The Basis of the book:

This book serves to inform anyone of a black desent with the knowledge of their hair, it’s history, and a way to better care it and grow it longer and stronger and overall much healthier than ever before. Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, a well known and acclaimed published author since her days on Associated content sharing what were like crack candy for a kid on a good summer day, articles on every topic hair wise, as far as the mind could span.

While on Associated Content, her topics would be about Protein Balance and Moisture Balance in the hair, a key principle in maintaining the hair we have. Back when I first stumbled across those articles, I was a little hesistnat becuase it was written in mind for relaxed hair, but the principles seemed simple enough to work for my natural hair, and so it began, my journey with Audrey’s scientific approach to hair care.

Now in 2011, finally her much awaited book has arrived and after finally getting a chance to read it completely, I can only say this: IT IS A MUST HAVE ON EVERY SHELF!! The book simply seeks to do this: Teach you, show you and let you do!

What can be found in this book?

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Across a total of 15 Chapters in the book Science of Black Hair, topics span from Scalp and Hair Structure, to Understanding Hair Growth and Damage, Textured (Black) Hair Properties and Principles, Regimen Building, Doing Product Selections, the acclaimed Protein and Moisture Balancing techniques, Coloring your hair, Relaxed hair, Natural Hair, Kids regimen, Total Hair and Health. Let’s just say it is chock full of information.

I think one of my fave topics was learning just exactly how my scalp is made up and functions in terms of hair care and as it’s own as a part of my body. With tons of diagrams and information, it’s easy to gather that our scalp is indeed a breathing ground for healthy hair.

Watch this Video for my review on the book and other works of Audrey related to hair:


Snippets of My favourite chapters:

I truly recommend this book to everyone. Very well worth the money and well worth the read. A big thank you to Audrey for putting a book like this on the market, targeting the “black” community and not specified to just relaxed or natural hair. Thanks Audrey, for giving me a chance to review your awesome book!!.

Get your own copy here:

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Hard Cover Book


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Kindle Edition


so tell me: have you read this book yet? plan to get it?

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