tbch winter 2013 final check in


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Happy Friday Lovelies!! Hope your natural hair has thrived these past three months. I am soooooo excited that we’ve made it to the end of a 3 month gap! That’s insane. Can you believe we already are gearing up for April? The year just began.

Anyhoo, I am so pleased to have stayed fixed to the challenge for the most part, and I know based on all the feedback I got from you lovely ladies, you enjoyed it too. Please be sure to check in below with your pictures and answers to the following:


  1. Are you happy with your progress?
  2. Can you see a definite progress in your hair health? hair length? and overall journey since being on this challenge?
  3. What are your next goals for your hair?
  4. Any setbacks you faced? How do you plan to move forward?
  5. Will you be on our Spring 2013 Challenge? –{Sign up for the SPRING 2013 TBCH CHALLENGE HERE}

Thank you all so much for joining me this past challenge, I look forward to the next round and even better system and stuff to share. :)


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  1. The winter went well! I opted for a lot of protective styling – did two strand twists until Valentine’s Day when I got Box Braids.I loved the ease and convenience of the braids and found my hair to be WAY bigger post braids. My “issue” is that almost a week out of braids my hair is extremely dry to the touch. My ends are kind of ratty too. I’ll definitely be hanging on for the Spring Challenge. I’m about to start a workout regimine that I think will help my hair grow as I’ll be increasing my water intake. Looking forward to it!

  2. I’ve been using protective styles. I try to keep my ends covered and I’ve been using the kimmy-leave in conditioner method. My goals for spring are to continue with the protective styles, aim for ph balanced products, and add bentonite clay to my weekly rotation

  3. As with the last Challenge, the progress has been GREAT! I can definitely see the progress. The feel of my hair has always been important to me; I’ve never liked the way my hair would feel after shampooing. Now I can at least figure out how to combat dryness during the week, when I may have used too much protein…all that good stuff that I would get frustrated with before. My goals are the same…I’m lookin for health and to see how long it’s willin to grow! My main setback has always been, and still is, single strand knots :-P; I usually use conditioner to ease it loose but, if it it’s too tight (I can feel when I’ve only helped it jus get tighter) snip, snip. I am DEFINITELY signed up for the Spring Challenge – See you then. Sorry, I don’t have any pics for this end but, I will post one when I take my hair down again. I’ve spent the winter in headwraps and under hats in twists.

  4. I enjoyed this challenge. It helped me try out different products to try on my hair. I got better with doing twist outs on but i’m get the banutu knots down to where it looks great in my hair. I have kept my hair in a sew-in. I have the same goals for my hair as when i started this challenge and have sign up for the Spring challenge already. I’m still looking for the right shampoo to use when i do shampoo but i love my conditioner mix. I do know that when i take the sew in out that i have to do before my ends where trim and after so that it can show the growth. Thank and I enjoyed this challenge think I’ll keep at this for awhile.

  5. Are you happy with your progress?>>Definitely!
    Can you see a definite progress in your hair health?>>Absolutely.
    Hair length?>>Yes!
    And overall journey since being on this challenge?>>Yes; the two challenges I’ve completed have helped me become much more conscious of how I treat my hair.
    What are your next goals for your hair?>>I want to continue on my no-heat journey, which I believe has been crucial to the growth I’ve retained.
    Any setbacks you faced?>>Not really. I’ve had a few lazy days/nights, but they never got consistent.
    How do you plan to move forward?>>I plan to wear it out a little more, and switch my sealant for the spring and summer. And I may try aloe Vera juice.
    Will you be on our Spring 2013 Challenge?>>I think so! Not completely sure yet, but I’m leaning towards yes :-).

  6. Are you happy with your progress? Yes I am ! I’m proud of the curl pattern and the moisture.

    Can you see a definite progress in your hair health? hair length? and overall journey since being on this challenge? I definitely see a difference in my hair length. I can see the length in the front.

    What are your next goals for your hair? I want more thickness and more growth.

    Any setbacks you faced? How do you plan to move forward? I dyed my hair and it dried my hair out so badly. A few oil treatments and deep conditionings later I noticed my hair had more life.

    Will you be on our Spring 2013 Challenge? Absolutely

  7. Hi! I am very happy with my progress since starting this challenge. My hair is healthier and I know it has grown. Although I did not measure before starting the challenge I can tell by the thickness of the volumn. My hair does not grow down in length but it grows out and it is definately thicker (I have fine, thick hair) and bigger. Since I had to actually take the time to take care of my hair by moisturizing more, my hair is healthier, softer, and moisturized. I will continue the same as I was doing in the 3 month challenge. I am not entering this next challenge but will wait for the next one. This journey has taught me I REALLY LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR!!!

  8. I’ve learned more about my hair in these 3 months or so than the almost year that I’ve been natural. It’s grown a lot but I’ve also been putting off a trim since I BC’d in June 2012. It’s good to know which products work and which really don’t on my hair so I can get on the road to recovery from Proudct Junkie-ing lmao. I loved this challenge though. It was fantastic. My twistouts have been more efficient and bouncier than ever. I love love love my hair. Thanks.

  9. this three month process as beena wondrul start for me i went natural in jnuaryo i as new to everything. i love th a my hair is gowing since i bc in dec 2012 this three month length is giving me a sense of how long my hair should grow in a year. but i love protective syle . i get lots of growth when i jus leave my hair alone.

  10. I have definitely enjoyed the past three months and have fallen in love with my natural hair. I bc’d in September so this was my first hair challenge. Taking care of my hair during the winter was a little difficult because I don’t wear weave and it was challenging to find protective styles, but everything went smoothly. I also learned that my hair likes when I’m not constantly trying to manipulate her. This natural journey has helped me to appreciate my hair and work with her instead of trying to control her.
    My goal is to continue allowing my hair to grow healthy and strong. Now that it is warming up I will get back into the haircare process that I was using in the fall that my hair really liked. I was washing every Sunday and co-washing on Wednesday just to get the toxins that we come in contact with on a daily basis out of my hair. And I was deep-conditioning every 2 weeks. My hair really missed that during the winter.

  11. Yes, I’m quite happy with my progress and will definitely be joining th next challenge. I gave myself a protein treatment and along with moisturizing, I can see a great improvement in my hair. In the past, winter has been rough on my hair, but not this year. I am looking forward to continued improvement and trying some new styles (I’m a two-strand twist, wash ‘n go girl).

  12. Overall, I am happy with the progress of my hair and have already signed up for the next challenge. I have signed my daughter up for it as well. I can see some changes in the health of my hair, and I’m going to continue to work on dealing with my single strand knots and repairing the damaged spots that have broken off ( I really think they are due to me ripping the ssk’s). I plan to continue to keep it moisturized, work on my trims and keep up with the deep conditioning now that I have found something I think works for my hair.

  13. I can actually see progress with my hair as far as growth and moisture. I still have a long way to go. I found more protective ways to do my hair. I’m excited to see my hair in the long run. Before I try to do long term goals with my hair, I need a good trim. Right now my hair is about bra strap length.
    By the end of the year I’m hoping to reach mid back length or more. I want to find a way to successfully keep my hair moisturized. I think that’s my biggest issue

  14. I have seen great progress. My hair has grown and it has retained moisture. I love that I have become more creative with protective styles. I have had less breakage but i have had a lot of shedding but that is do to my medication. I have been inspired by this challenge to start a local group of naturalistas so we can work together. My goal is to continue to use more protective styles and hopefully to be bra strap length by Christmas……I will be joining the Spring Challenge.

  15. Are you happy with your progress?
    -So far I am. I’m liking that it looks like I’m retaining more length.
    Can you see a definite progress in your hair health? hair length? and overall journey since being on this challenge?
    -I’m paying more attention to my ends and working on moisturizing more often. My length has been increasing with the continuous taking of my vitamins and care. I’ve definitely realized the importance of deep conditioning and trimming.
    What are your next goals for your hair?
    -to reach APL
    Any setbacks you faced? How do you plan to move forward?
    Will you be on our Spring 2013 Challenge?
    -Still dealing with brittle ends but working on it. To moisturize and protect my ends. I will be apart of the spring challenge.

  16. I’m happy with my progress. I’ve seen a good progress in my hair health. I cut about 4 inches of hair off and it grew back very well with the fact of my vitamins and eating right and drinking a lot of water. My overall journey since being on this challenge is learning how to take better care of my hair and finding my staple products. The next goals for my hair is to keep it healthy and get my hair to grow longer. Didnt really have any seatbacks. Yes i will be on the Spring challenge.

  17. My hair grew about 1 1/2 inches during this challenge. My overall hair health has improved but I still have a ways to go.
    My goal is bra strap length and hopefully I’ll reach it by the end of summer. I’m still trying to battle the shrinkage issue and finding hairstyle options.
    I’ve been wearing a wig for most of this challenge but now that it’s getting hot (and I work at a job with no A/C) I have to find different options.
    I plan on doing Havana twists on myself this week. I’ve been tempted to perm my hair after being 11 years natural but then I realized that I don’t like curling my hair so I’d probably just throw a wig on it when its all said and done.
    I’m trying to stay natural for as long as I can because I love bleaching my hair too much. I will also continue onto the Spring challenge.

  18. Yes, I’ very happy with my progess. This is the first winter that I did not have a lot of breakage. Normally I have to cut my hair every spring due to the short length throughout my head. My hair is much stronger. I have learn how important moisturizing and protective hair styles are. My goal now is to continue my weekly routines and work on hair growth. I need more length for many of the styles I want to wear. My hair is very thick and look much longer than it really is. I actually trimmed my hair myself for the first time in January. My last trim was probably a year before that. I thought I cut too much off but it grew back with no problem. Yes, will sign up for the spring challenge. I made it through the winter with the groups help I need assistance for the spring as well.

  19. I’m very happy with my progress. I have learned to try new sty less and ways to keep my hair moisturized so it isn’t dry. I loom forward to the summer and hopefully wearing my hair out more and deciding on a new color. Protective styles , I see aren’t the only options I have. Learning how to try new styles…bantu knots, braid outs and using perm rods gives me more versatility.I know can stretch my hair out longer instead of washing every week, every two weeks. I learned I can still redo another style on a old braid out or twist out. I have seen a few SSK and split ends. I will be doing more DC under my hair dryer and hopefully that will help. I believe my last trim was Jan maybe. I may try trimimg every 4 to 6 weeks. I just want to maintain length and reach APL. Right now I am at the top of my back. I may give myself a break before participating in next challenge.

  20. Are you happy with your progress?
    No, I know if I had done what I was supposed to do I would further along in my hair growth and maintenance.
    Can you see a definite progress in your hair health? hair length? and overall journey since being on this challenge? I saw progress until I fell off with taking care of my hair.
    What are your next goals for your hair? Same as before
    Any setbacks you faced? How do you plan to move forward? Yes I wasn’t protecting my hair as I should have. I will be doing a lot more protective styling and going back to taking a day to take care of my hair like I need too.
    Will you be on our Spring 2013 Challenge Yes Im signing up again.

  21. Are you happy with your progress? Definitely!

    Can you see a definite progress in your hair health? hair length? and overall journey since being on this challenge? Yes

    What are your next goals for your hair? Still the same healthy klonger hair.

    Any setbacks you faced? How do you plan to move forward? No setbacks.

    Will you be on our Spring 2013 Challenge?Yes

  22. I am elated about my progress. My edges were balling from after having my son. They are growing back full force now and I believe it’s because of this castor oil challenge. I definitely see the hair growth and healthiness of my hair. Its amazing! My goal for my hair is to continue seeking healthy ways to take care of my hair. I haven’t had any setbacks. My hair does shed I’m not sure if its too much or the normal shedding but I will keep an eye on it. I would love to be apart of the Spring challenge castor oil is a part of my life now Im not giving it up! lol

  23. Are you happy with your progress? Absolutely!
    Can you see a definite progress in your hair health? hair length? and overall journey since being on this challenge? Yes. I need to work on my hair consistency so that my hair can get to it’s full potential.

    What are your next goals for your hair? To have more fun with it! My hair has grown a lot since my big chop a year ago so I have many more hairstyles that I can tryout now
    Any setbacks you faced? How do you plan to move forward? Inconsistency. I plan on moving forward by find regimes that work for my schedule and that are healthiest for my hair
    Will you be on our Spring 2013 Challenge? Of course! ^__^

  24. I am definitely happy with my progress.
    Yes my hair is more manageable and it has grown.
    Im setting a goal of thickening my hair (in the crown) and of course growing it longer
    I plan to keep my regimen up and be consistent.
    yes, I am signing up for the Spring challenge.

  25. I am happy w my progress. I’ve Done more protective styling & put in extensions by myself for the first time. No setbacks. I have seen growth of healthy hair! I plan to continue to love on my hair. I haven’t decided on the next challenge.


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