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Hey my lovelies! Didn’t get to try a ton of stuff for your natural hair this year? No worries, if you were on the TBCH Challenge you are in luck! This giveaway is exclusively for you all!! You can win your very own curlkit Pink LIMITED edition box! Yay!!

Curlkit offers women and men with natural hair (curly/kinky/coily/textured hair) to try out products on a budget, without going overboard. Here’s your chance to win your very own PINK box! Chock full of products and even the curlLIFE magazine with tons of information, tutorials and more.



What’s in the box:

  1. Ampro Satin Bonnet
  2. Ampro Silk Edges
  3. African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Silky Hair Moisturizer
  4. Salon Exotic Deep Repair Masque
  5. Eco Styler Curl & Wave Gel
  6. Jane Carter Solution Shampoo
  7. Jane Carter Solution Leave In
  8. Jane Carter Solution “Love Your Hair” Pin
  9. Aubrey GPB Balancing Conditioner
  10. Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner
  11. Pink Wristband that says “Strength”
  12. Mini curlLIFE mag, plus an article written by me in the magazine!!
S'well Bottles - 160x600



  • You must be 18 years or older to enter to win in this giveaway!
  • Must be in the USA to participate.
  • You MUST follow all the rules below to be considered for entry.

The Rules:

  1. Must be a fan of Afroniquely You on Facebook
  2. Must be a fan of CurlKit on Facebook
  3. Tweet the following “I’m a #TBCHchallenger with @afroniquely & I want the @curlkit pink kit! #naturalhair #bdaybash #tbch2012OCTDEC” [sexybutton size=”small” color=”black” url=”http://clicktotweet.me/TS9c0EIa” icon=”heart”]CLICK TO TWEET[/sexybutton]
  4. Follow @afroniquely AND @curlkit on twitter
  5. Below in the comments section enter your twitter handle that you tweeted with, and your fb name that you’ve like both pages with!
  6. Share in the comment section below your response to the following:
    1. What goal for your hair did you accomplish this year?
    2. Tell me a favorite product of yours, and why? Why should others be interested in it?
    3. Got the curlkit? If yes, tell us about it, if no, tell us why you’d want it.
    4. MUST INCLUDE A PHOTO of your progress from being on this challenge (Oct-Dec 2012)


thanks to Heather and the team for contributing an awesome Pink Box!

~Hope you enjoyed! Till next time stay lovely and afroniquely you!

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  1. Twitter: Jenjer0105
    Facebook: Jennifer Kirby
    1. My goal for my hair that I’ve accomplished this year is that I have made it healthier and stronger.
    2. A favorite product of mine is Cantu Curling Cream. I love using it because it leaves my hair soft and it helps achieving a nice twist out. Others should be interested in it because it is a good way to keep moisture in hair, especially if you are thinking about doing a twist out. Also it it a good product for a wash and go.
    3. I do not have a curl kit, but every month I wish I was recieving one in the mail. I love to try new products but don’t usually stray from it because some products don’t always work well on my hair. A reason I would want this curlkit is because I’ve always wanted to try the Eco gel.

  2. @geekyCurly on twitter; Bri MW on FB. a. this year i cut of unhealthy ends of my hair and focused more on health than length. b. my favorite product is rhassoul clay because it defines hair effortlessly and cleans without stripping hair of its natural oils. c. i’ve never had a curlkit. i’ve been trying to get ahold of one for my birthday on the 12th of Jan!

  3. Twitter- ttglo
    Facebook- TaWanda LovinglifeTyree Glover
    A) the goal I accomplished for my hair this year was to get my hair healthy and growing.
    B) my favorite product(s) is the African Pride Shea Butter Miracle line because it helps me manage my hair as well as helps put the mositure back in my hair and its not harsh on my hair. Others should be interested because it is a wonderful line of products for natural hair.
    C) no, I want the curlkit because it would give me the chance to try different products and find other products that work well with my hair.

  4. Twitter: _true2me_
    FB: Ky Watts
    What goal for your hair did you accomplish this year?
    MOISTURE!!! I finally feel like I figured it out! A regimen that is easy to incorporate in my busy life.
    Tell me a favorite product of yours, and why? Im hooked on Curl Max’s curl activator moisturizer right now. Also V05 conditioners are my FAV! I buy like 4 bottles everytime I see them. (99 cents) And Motions Natural Curl pudding
    Why should others be interested in it? I feel like these products are the reason Ive been able to retain the moisture Ive been looking for. Outside of the products I make myself these additional products have been a great help!
    Got the curlkit? If yes, tell us about it, if no, tell us why you’d want it.
    MUST INCLUDE A PHOTO of your progress from being on this challenge (Oct-Dec 2012)
    Ive always been scared to try new products. I was stuck in the mindset that natural meant natural products as well. Ive learned that my hair needs some help though. I would like the kit to be able to find another great product to assist me in this journey.

  5. Twitter: TheLASHUNDAShow
    FB: LaShunda Wannette

    This year I want to work to make sure my hair is better moisturized and stronger. It seems like I’ve always had a difficult time having well moisturized hair, even when I had a relaxer. I also want to focus on learning more versatile styles and ways to play with my hair that compliment my head shape.

    Right now I’m using Tui hair products. My sister introduced me to them. I like the smell of the oil and lotion. I like when a product is effective, but I also want my hair to smell good. I feel like the Tui products do a better job of moisturizing my hair than a few products I’ve used in the past.

    I don’t have a CurlKit and have never used the products in this kit. I only recently learned about it from another natural. I would like to receive the kit, because I think it’d be beneficial to my hair maintenance and upkeep.

  6. The challenge is from October to December of last year, so will anyone entering after the timeframe be eligible? Also, It says the giveaway will close Thursday, January 7th. Is that date a mistake? The 7th is a Monday. Thanks.

  7. Twitter: @heelsnboots/ FB: Willette Porter
    My goal was obtaining enough length to do 2strand twist and it has been accomplished!! One of my most favorite products is creme brulee by Curls. This product glides on my hair and leaves it feeling wonderful. I would like to have the kit so that I could sample more products without all the expense of doing so.

  8. Twitter: Naturalgirl89
    Facebook: Brittany Stringfield Logan
    1. Goal for my hair is for my hair to be healthy and manageable. Also for my hair to be strong and long!
    2. My favorite product is the Curly Cream for Taliah Walijad. I makes my curls loose and look awesome.

    3. I do not have the curl kit, but I want to try the Jane Carter products. I heard it was great products.

    4.I will email you my picture soon!

  9. Twitter: @BeautyInMyKinks
    Facebook: Chelsea Burwell

    1.) The goal that I accomplished in 2012 was to be more creative with protective styles and “dressing” up my hair. I tried out some pompadours and up-dos with scarves and it made me love my hair more.

    2.) One of my favorite products would be Kinky Kurly’s Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner. It is a heaven sent as I prepare to style my hair. It makes detangling an ease and it leaves my curls feeling soft and refreshed. I absolutely love this product, especially because it’s not TOO pricey.

    3.) I do not have a curl kit, but I have heard nothing but GREAT things about it. As a college student, coming across some good quality natural hair care products is hard because my pockets are a little empty. I would love to get a curl kit to try some new products and see what my hair likes. Also, i want to spread the word about some must-have products to my natural friends back at school. It’s all about SPREADING THE LOVE!

    4.) I’ll be sure to email my picture to you! :)

  10. Twitter @tabisadelta

    FB Kamilah Berry

    a. I got to know my hair, experimented and retained length

    b. My own mixes, b/c you can try new things and learn along the way. Plus many mixes can be used for skin and hair.

    c. I would love to check it out to see what it is all about!

    d. My hair was in a protective style the majority of the time, shown at the bottom. Above is a pic taken a couple of weeks ago.


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