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  Have you ever hunted for the perfect jeans, only to find something just doesn’t measure up? Well Target is on a mission to change all that. Target_Denim-AfroniquelyYou   First off, I have to say Target Denim has come a long long way! I got a few pairs of jeans to try and I was super excited. I will stress that it’s important, if you’re a tall girl like I am, be sure to shop their long lengths so everything really fits nicely. Unfortunately I got the regular cuts in most of the jeans, but I still remained creative with how I wore them (^.~)  

Fit, Style & Personal Tastes

  Size wise, the jeans fit pretty good. I am naturally anywhere from a size 4 or 5 depending on the maker of the jeans. I got the jeans in size 4 and while they hugged my hips fairly nicely, a few of them were pretty big on my waist. Of the four pairs I got, I really only could wear three, one of them I’ll most likely have to convert into capris or something for it to look right on me.       The Mossimo High Rise Flare Jeans   This pair of jeans was actually the only pair to fit me full length with no problems at all. The waist fit perfectly, and the length was perfect, too bad it’s the one style I actually don’t like much (bell-bottoms!). Other than my own biases against bell-bottoms, I have to say these were a great modern take on the style and the fit is super comfy.       Mossimo High Rise Jegging Jeans   This by far was my favorite. I love dark blue jeans that have a sort of bleached lines effect, so instantly this was my fave when I saw it. Imagine how sad I was though that the length was a bit short (only for a tall girl though, if you are under 5’8″ this 4/27″ length should be perfect!). This particular pair is very comfy to wear, easy to slide into and really can be dressed up or down making it super versatile. Oh one quirk I did have though, was this offers no front pockets, only back ones (took me some getting used to lol).       Mossimo Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans   My second fave pair of the bunch! Such an easy to wear comfortable fitting jeans. Again another one that was too short to really wear it as is, so I had to get creative and diy stitch and roll the edges up. I may convert this one into a skirt. I found the waist area to be a bit large for me even though the size is size 4.   I found myself wearing this one mostly. Maybe it was because it has front and back pockets, or maybe because it was the easiest to put on and go, or maybe its a bit of both.       Mossimo Mid-Rise Straight Jeans   As I mentioned earlier, this pair I couldn’t even work with as it is. Since it’s a straight leg, I can’t comfortably roll it up or turn it into something on the fly so I’ll let my creative juices flow and DIY it into capris or shorts or something eventually. Outside of the length being short on me, the fit was a bit snug. Maybe due to the material not being stretchy like the high rise and mid rise jegging and skinny jeans.  

Expectations and More

  To be quite honest, I really expected long perfect fitting jeans. What I got were jeans that fit in some places but not others. Overall for the three jeans I did get to really wear, I had to definitely wear a belt on two of them to compensate for the bigger waist area. Other than those minor issues, the leggings and skinny jeans were right up my style alley. Id recommend these jeans to anyone. While Im not huge on the flare jeans trend, I think Target may have convinced me to at least give them another shot before totally writing them off for infinity and beyond! All the jeans are comfortable to wear on a day-to-day basis. I even wore them to a VBS and got in on some action and they held up nicely (no ripping, no embarrassing moments).   In my opinion the styles are pretty trendy, from the dark rinse colors to the more acid vintage wash of the flare jeans, I’d say Target is heading in the right direction as far as trend is concerned. I loved that the jeans made me feel really comfortable in my own skin with each outfit. Usually I’d feel self-conscious in jeans, but these were so easy to wear it wasn’t too hard to just be free and be myself in them. In summary Id give the collection a 4 star rating out of 5, only on the premise that the waist area could be better and that length is so crucial!      

Get Your Own! 

  Starting on July 26th you can try on your own pairs of Target denim in stores and also save $10 off your purchase! I highly suggest you go in, try them on, see the various styles for yourself and get yourself or a family member/friend a pair! Find your style @targetstyle Shop Target Denim


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~Hope you enjoyed! Till next time stay lovely and afroniquely you!

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  1. I bought some jeans from Target last year and they are seriously the best jeans I have. I washed them and they still came back looking good and the fit is perfect and this is coming from a big girl.

    • Ooo! Nice to hear. I love durable jeans, so hearing you say you’ve had them a while now and they’re still holding up is great news for me, because I am all about budget and longevity.

      p.s. Am I the only one that misses the Mastermind group we had going on? I am starting a new FB Group that has the same mastermind idea, would you be interested in that?

  2. I’m constantly in search of jeans. Thanks for the Target recommendation. I’ll check them out next time!

  3. I have a couple of pairs of jeans from Target. I do love them. I just wish they were a little longer. I’m 6’1″. :)

    • UGH! You know the struggle struggle for reals! Lol. I just wish more of these companies would remember that us tall ladies love long jeans too. I’m sometimes in for double trouble since I am tall and slim! But from the Target website I did see they do carry jeans for taller ladies, I’d have to go in store though and see how much longer they truly are.

  4. I love Target! I haven’t bought jeans from there in a while, so will definitely have to check out their new lineup

  5. Who doesn’t love Target! The funny things is I’ve never bought jeans from there. I am a dress kinda girl, but you have peaked my interest for sure

  6. You had me at Target! And high-rose anything. High Rise Skinnies!!! I die. I’m running over to to take a look. This 35+ mama needs coverage and high rise does it for me.

  7. I love target but have the hardest time finding properly fitting jeans in general. I will have to check these out!

  8. I Love these jeans on you lady and I get you re the fit thing, this happens to me a lot because of my how my body is shaped but I participated in this campaign and purchased a pair of Ava & Viv jeans and I was pleasantly surprised and loved the fit.


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