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TBCH Challenge Spring 2013 | Afroniquely You

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Hello my natural hair lovelies! It’s that time again for yet another sign up for the Take Better Care of My Hair Challenge, or the TBCH Challenge for short!(search #TBCHChallenge on instagram and twitter)

Who is it for?

This challenge is good for relaxed hair, transitioning hair and locs also! There are four editions to the challenge. Fellow challengers and I are wrapping up the Winter 2013 edition, and are aiming for the Spring (April to June 2013) edition (this one you’ll currently sign up for!), Summer (July to September 2013) and Fall (October to December 2013).

N.B: If you were previously on the challenge, or if you are new here, welcome! This is the form you must fill out to be considered registered on the challenge. Please kindly read through this post in it’s entirety for the rules, the guidelines and what I will need from you as a participant.

Challenge Information

Challenge begins: April 1, 2013 – July 1, 2013.

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Purpose of the Challenge:

To take better care of the hair that grows from our scalps. Whether it be to love it more, treat it better, gather more skills and techniques that causes less damage, this challenge will push us to give our hair what it needs. We can’t expect long (or even short) beautiful and healthy hair, without putting in some work, and being diligent about it. The TBCH Challenge is just that, the guide to get us where we want to, with our hair. Also, this challenge fosters community by allowing us to meet people across the globe interested in growing and learning, and also sharing tips and insights.


Our primary goal in this challenge is healthy hair! While length is great, that’s the bonus! The whole purpose of taking care of our hair is to minimize the damages we often see to it, such as split ends, breakage, shedding, dry and brittle hair and etc. I want everyone being pro-active about this challenge, so you’ll need to document your progress by checking in on the listed check-in dates (There are also Mandatory check-in dates which must be met), share pictures or videos if you so choose and tag me to them (use tags #TBCHChallenge #TBCHChallenger #afroniquelyU #texturedgirl @afroniquely on Instagram and Twitter) so I can see/watch and share in your progress.  I’m being serious about taking real good care of my hair not only externally but internally too by eating better and exercising. Those who have chosen to join in will also be held to the same degree, no slacking off!! Let’s be serious about this.


Please be sure to read through the rules, and all the information below a few times so you are sure you’re ready to do this challenge. All entry questions and signup form must be filled and completed before you will considered Registered for this challenge (and eligible for any challenge giveaways).


Spring Edition Challenge rules:

  • Deep condition at least once per month!! no exceptions! you must wash at least once in the month and do a deep condition! (a suggestion is to use a conditioner that provides ample moisture, also make sure to keep check of your protein!! Deep condition a minimum of 30 minutes to get the best benefits) also take a look at how I deep condition for maximum results
  • Say yes to protective styling (i.e. twists, cornrows (not tightly done), plaits, braids (not tightly done and preferably not micros), puffs/buns – try to limit the puffs as this can damage your edges over time). Please not it is getting colder, and protective styling will be essential to retaining your growth. Also opt for wearing hats lined with a silk or satin scarf/bonnet inside of it, to help minimize breakage and damage due to the colder weather. If you wear wigs during the colder months, be sure to take extra care of your real hair underneath!
  • Dust the ends of your hair when it is needed and do NOT let the damage go on. (if you see a split or single strand knot? snip it off or spend time to remove it gently without causing damage!!)
  • Always keep hair moisturized by use of whatever moisturizer you have that works for your hair (you can follow the LOC method or moisture tips or see this post on sealing). There is also the LCO method (Liquid/Leave-in, Cream/Conditioner, Oil) method that may work for those of you who find the LOC method in effective. Keep a good check of protein (I recommend doing an avocado+mayo+olive oil and honey deep treatment at least once per month..it’s a great boost in protein).
  • If you have thinning edges or notice breakage in areas..take action, start caring for them and getting them back, using things like castor oil, peppermint oil, etc. Castor oil usage is highly recommended while on this challenge. Whether you have thinning edges or you just simply want to minimize breakage and soothe your scalp, grab a bottle of castor oil and implement using it.
  • Give your scalp a massage often!– 15 minutes a day is good {you can use olive/jojoba/grapeseed/almond oils or whichever works best for you}
  • Try to avoid the heat usage if you can…this is not mandatory but if possible please avoid the heat usage completely. Please note: there is ONLY 1 heat pass for each segment!! {a segment refers to a month}
  • Exercise, eat healthy and get some rest!– run, brisk walk for 30 minutes a day or exercise as you see fit, drink a lot of water and get adequate sleep!  – Healthy bodies on the inside will always result in great benefits on the outside!
  • Be patient and dedicate actual time to caring for your hair and your health!!
  • Laugh it up often- keep stress levels at bay by surrounding yourself in joy. You’ll be surprised how much more this affects.

Bonus on using Castor Oil: using castor oil– you can get even more added benefits by implementing castor oil in this challenge. Use it to grease/oil your scalp daily or at least three times a week, you’ll see improved scalp health, hair strands thicken, and less breakage and shedding, also it will help your hair remain shiny, and full of life and body! Castor oil is also great for locking in moisture. I’ll be using my castor oil 3 times per week for the length of the challenge. If you do not like pure castor oil on your hair or scalp, try mixing it with coconut oil or aloe vera juice.

TBCH Challenge Spring 2013 | Afroniquely You


Please be sure to complete the following steps. You must submit a comment below with your Starting Photo and response the to the pledge by Friday March 29th to enter the challenge!

Please Click the Following Link to be taken to the Registration Form!

>>Afroniquely You Spring 2013 TBCH Registration Form <<

{if you are signing up while on a phone, tablet or any other device besides a desktop computer please click here to sign-up}

Everyone MUST have completed the following below to be in the challenge:

  1. Must Subscribe to Challenge Mail list here (if you were on the previous challenge, please simply update your profile if you haven’t already)- please make sure you are on the mail list!!
  2. In the Comments section below please list the following:
    1. First and Last name,
    2. Email address you used to sign up for challenge mail. To avoid spam, you can input it as follows YourEmailName(at)address.com
    3. Nickname you’ll use in the challenge. If none just write your first name
    4. Attach a Starting point photo of your hair!! (preferably showing it’s length and current state, so you can compare at the end of the challenge).
    5. What you’re looking forward to in this challenge.

I ask for this in the comment section also, for added security should in case the signup form above fail us, I want to make sure each person is registered and accounted for! So please ensure you fill them both out. Thanks so much!

Also please:
  1. Join us on Facebook, be sure to write on the wall and give us a shout!
  2. If you enjoy Youtube be sure to join me there, I’ll be making videos for the challenge in addition to other tidbits on my channel (user: AfroQueenShae)
  3. Follow Afroniquely You on Instragram and Twitter: @afroniquely – hashtag with us #TBCHChallenge #TBCHChallenger #afroniquelyU #texturedgirl
  4. Have Tumblr? Be sure you’re connected http://afrosweetpics.tumblr.com Submit your photos and I will be sure to repost them!



  • There are 3 main check in dates May 3, May 31, and July 1st!!!! – each of these dates MUST be met during the challenge.

Checking In

You can feel free to upload photos, a video reply or link to a document. You however must also check-in on the mandatory check-in post and respond to the questions within the post. Doing so will count you as good standing within the challenge. This allows each person to be held accountable for their goals and set forth plans. It also gives us a way to see who’s in and connect with each other. You are also required to sign up (via the ChallengeMail) to receive key tips and postings, plus challenge check in reminders.

I welcome all forms of reports. Be it videos, pictures (via tumblr/instagram/twitter/facebook), written journal. I just want you to keep track of what it is you’re doing and how it’s working, and of-course how your hair is transforming along the way. This will help you see your own progress and make adjustments as needed to suit your goals.

You can check in anytime challenge mail hits your inbox, but the 3 mandatory check ins are: May 3, May 31, and July 1st!!!!

Prizes and More!

As if the results alone of growing awesome hair, revamping your hair care routine and loving on your hair isn’t enough, I’ll be giving away prizes at the check-in dates, so you have something to look forward to for being diligent in the challenge. There will also be one grand prize winner which will be announced on March 31st 2012. To be eligible to win, you must check in at all check-in points and reply with the questions filled out, be on the mail list and be active in the challenge!

Be reminded the last day to sign up for this challenge is March 29, 2013!!!


1) Can I participate in the challenge if I’m wearing a protective style? YES you surely can!

2) What if I don’t like deep conditioning? Can I still join? Yes you can, but we do ask that you deep condition as implied by the rules, your hair will thank you.

3) I’m not natural, can I still participate? YES, hopefully you’ll be urged to join us naturalistas afterwards!.

4) I have locs, can I participate? YES, all hair types and styles are welcome.

5) Can I participate in the challenge if I’m wearing a weave, extensions, twists, braids? YES, but make sure you are caring for your hair as outlined in the rules.

6) Must I have long hair to join? NO, all lengths are allowed.

7) Can I use heat? We strongly suggest against it, but if you must, we give 1/ONE heat pass per segment..no exceptions

How do we stay encouraged? Get tips? etc

I will be blogging here on AfroniquelyYou.com on as much information possible on natural hair care tips, ideas, styles, dos and dont’s and as well check ins on the progress. I’ll also do a weekly featured post on something beneficial to those in the challenge. As well yet again, the mail list for the challenge is going to be key in getting updates and information. So be sure to signup.



If you’re on twitter or instagram, be sure to tweet/gram me @afroniquely and use hashtag #afroniquelyU or #texturedgirl #tbchchallenge #tbchchallenger

 Now let’s get on to Taking Better Care of My Hair!!


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~Hope you enjoyed! Till next time stay lovely and afroniquely you!

Make sure you are following me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube for more on hair, beauty and life simplified Follow my blog with Bloglovin | Subscribe to the newsletter for all the updates.

xoxo Shae

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  1. You might want to look over this again. It still says the dates from the winter challenge instead of the spring one and you put the challenge rules for the winter one instead of spring


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