protective styling: yarn braids


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Yarn braids shouldn’t be a new thing to anyone by now. Everyone across hair boards, youtube, facebook..the whole globe it seems, knows what yarn braids, or also referred to as Genie locs are. But in case you have no idea, here’s a quick intro:

Yarn Braids/Genie Locs are an excellent protective styling option especially for natural hair. It uses Yarn (preferably acrylic yarn, the same that is used to knit with) to braid the hair (can also do twists). It allows the hair a chance to be free from over styling, as well you can moisturize your hair while in yarn braids the same way you would without them (for the most part). Need a visual? Check out these images below: you’ve seen it, here are a few videos that can teach you how to achieve this look. By the way..this will be my go to for this upcoming winter. I’ve planned since ages ago to have done them again in my hair, and that this winter I think this will make a great option!

Tutorial a la MsVCharles:

S'well Bottles - 160x600

Tutorial a la BlackOnyx:


LiveDreamBe Tutorial:


share with me: yarn braids, yes or no?

~Hope you enjoyed

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  1. This looks like a great protective style. I will have to do more research though. My hair is not black it is darkish redish black… So, I will have to do something if I do this.

  2. Do you braid your hair while it’s wet? Right after you finish washing it. I’m really excited about the yarn braids and this will be my first time getting them.

  3. No Apple, I usually give my hair a good wash (I am natural) with shampoo, detangle as I condition, stretch (either my making big plaits or with bands) and let air dry then I go to work putting my braids in. Hope this helps! * and I would avoid creamy products while wearing these because of build-up. I suggest using oils only.

  4. This is a good test run to see if you would like dreads. Nice technique & GOOD close ups from Ms. V Charles’ video :)

  5. Hey I am planning on doing yarn braids on my hair for this weekend but I have a question how tight should the braid be at the root of my hair? I heard that some yarn can shrink when wet and cause damage to your hair.

    • I wouldn’t advice it be tight at all, that in and of itself can cause some damage. Be sure to do them relatively not too tight that it is pulling, but tight enough to be secure.


  6. Wow, this style is exactly what I’ve been looking for! How long do yarn braids last? And do they take quite a while to get in?

  7. Great vids! The first was the simplest and most direct for me to follow. I did mine the second week of December. I’m mostly blonde right now with dark brown roots coming in so I did a 3-strand mix, 2 parts black (because I couldn’t find a dark brown) and 1 part “Cornmeal” which is the closest I could get to my color without being bright yellow or orange.

    They turned out great! Started Friday night finished up Monday morning. Took about 4 hrs a night and I only put them in down to the roots of my actual hair to get that down, then braided to the tips all at the same time. Great protective style and my hair has grown so much already.


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