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The Great Grow-Out!

I have to admit, there are a few days I missed the length I had previously, but what I don’t miss at all is the brittle feeling, damaged looking ends. Don’t miss that at all!  If you’ve been around on this blog for a while, you know I have a Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge that goes on yearly. I admit it fell a little under the rug last year, but I would love to initiate the principles of the challenge once again, especially since I just recently cut my hair.

So what’s the great grow out? The “take better care of my hair” all about? Simply: get my hair in the healthiest, softest, longest, most beautiful state possible and keep that at every stage, every length. In the TBCH challenge, I opted for us to Deep condition at least once per week, to always keep the hair moisturized and also keep check on protein. Protective styling and avoiding too much direct heat. The mission is to protect our tresses (I’m protecting Sassy-Belle, gotta show her love) from harm and from damage that would ultimately lead to a setback.

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Next, we need to identify a goal. How long would you like to see your hair grow? Are you aiming for tailbone length, shoulder, middle of the back? What? How much can you handle? You have to take a few things into account before you decide truly.

What is your hair like at it’s current length? How well do you manage it? Is it big and thick and a burden to you? Have you already mastered your hair? Could you handle it if it were longer than it is now? Ask yourself, then make a realistic goal. Long hair is great, but is it worth it if all it will do is stress you out?

For me personally I’d love to grow my hair to Mid-Back length as depitced on the chart to the left. Anything longer and I might lose my mind. Plus MBL is a reasonable goal, not too long and not too short. I’m tall, so having MBL hair might very well be Waist-Tailbone length on other ladies.

Okay, so we’ve decided on a goal, now we’d have to know how we plan to meet them. I’ll be taking more pictures and video snippets perhaps weekly or bi-weekly to document my growth progress. I also want to document what I use, how it reacts, what I like, what I dislike and of-course zone in on the staples, products-tools and techniques that will stand firm through the ages of my journey.

So ladies and gents, I’m offering this to you as well. Are you ready to grow out? Ready to meet that goal? Best part about this challenge now that it’s updated is, there is NO join by date and no END date!! It is continuous! I’m beginning/continuing immediately and would love to see everyone join in! If you’re in, please leave a comment below with a start picture and a comment on your goal. I will create a post in a month’s time that we can discuss if we have seen any progress.

Please also sign-up at the forum to document with me your progress!!!

  so tell me: are you in?

~Hope you enjoyed

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  1. I’m definitely in! It will be my 2nd year natural in 10 days, and I really want to grow my hair to should length (unstretched).

    • I have been natural for 4 years and my hair is shoulder length.  I want longer hair but she is right I must learn my hair at it”s present length

  2. I have been natural since oct 2009, have alot of hair, almost shoulder length, don’t know what to do with it, do I just continue to twist at night, put the fake hair braids back in?//// 

  3. Am at neck length  but i still have some relaxe hair left at the end more toward the front ugh !!! I want  bra strap lenght  any advise on good products : )

  4. My hair is around APL and BSB after getting a cut and I’m shooting for MBL, tall frame as well. I expect to be there well before the end of this year as long as I keep doing what I’m supposed to!

  5. I did my big chop 2 and a 1/2 years agop…My hair hit a huge spurt this past year growing 4-5 inches in a few months…it literally went from neck length to past shoulder length(blown out). I contribute it to protective hair styling( sew ins), deep conditioning and maintenance with organic and natural products, and having beauticians actually trim (not cut inches off) my ends… but I’m 5’3 and very petite Im aiming for BSB(below shoulder blade)…any tips   

  6. I’ve been natural since 2003 and I am just sick and saddened that it hasn’t grown pass my collar bone. My sides are thin and just a little pass my earlobe….SMH…I am going to try new products that are PH Balanced. I will also deep condition once a week and keep moisturized with water and oils (glycerine). Hot oils once a month…..I dunno man…..I’m trying just one more time!!!!

  7. I’ve been natural for several years. My hair is less than shoulder length, but it coils so tightly, it’s really hard to tell how long it is. I’m looking to growing it to shoulder or armpit length. With its extremely tight curl pattern, I don’t believe I could manage it well with much more length than that.

  8. I’m in! My hair is shoulder length when stretched. My main focus is on healthy hair and retaining length. My long term goal is Mid-Back length.

  9. count me in! my hair went thru a phase where it hated my head lol I started off with APL and  reached new heights of panic when I was left with hair just below my ears! (think it might have something to do with my move and harder water) I heard a rumour that a gentle introduction of colour might stop the fallout, which it did, thankfully. This past year though things have started looking up, with frequent diy bouts of my chosen protective style of crochet braids and more regular deep conditioning it seems to be slowly working; I’ve now got NL and l love how my natural curls are developing too. My aim is between BSB and MBL.

  10. im in! ive been natural for about 10 years, but I have not really taken care of my hair like I should! this year, I am trying to get my whole body healthy…hair included!

  11. I’m in!! I’ve been natural for 2 years, but haven’t really been taking care of my hair (or myself for that matter). Time to start new =)

  12. 3 yrs natural and I just had to chop a lot of my hair because of damage so I’m excited to set tis goal I want armpit length when straight…shoulder when coiled. Please help me reach this goal.

  13. I would love to join Operation-Grow It Out.  I am 15 months post B/C.  I think I’ve obtain a lot of growth since Sept 12, 2010 being that I knew nothing about natural hair.

  14. I’m I have just decided to go natural 3 months ago. I need help on getting started. Finding the right products and learning my hair type. Please help

  15. I’m in. I’ve been natural for almost seventeen years, I am not going to tell you my age, but its been a long time.

  16. I’m all in!!! I have been natural 2 yrs and it is time to get some length. Right now my hair is right at my neck I’m thinking mid back would be perfect


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