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Hola Lovelies! Late postings today, but never-the-less, here’s our feature for the day!! A Naturally Fashionable post with my friend Sindy!

Check it out!!!

Who:  Sindy Victor


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I represent Christ

What: Junior in College Studying Speech Language Pathology & Audiology

Natural since May 13, 2011

Naturally fly because I know how to rock my natural hair in different styles and use it to make a fashion statement

Philosophy: My outlook on being Afroniquely You(me) is that I believe that we are all  born beautiful because are Creator, God, is beautiful and majestic so He made no  mistake in creating our natural with different kinks, coils, and textures to represent the diverse and complex creatures we are.  I love the fact that natural hair is now being looked at as a fashion trend/statement because it has inspired me and many other  women to embrace our God given beauty.  It is not fair that women of other cultures can just wake up get out bed and go, but when we do it, it isn’t socially accepted.  Natural hair is taking over! I chose to be natural originally because it was making a loud statement that I wanted to be apart of, that and I needed my hair to grow long lol … my reasons still haven’t changed.

Regimen:  My staple products have got to be Shea Butter & Coconut Oil raw and extra virgin are my best friends! As far as the “brand name/famous” stuff … Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie & the Curl & Style Milk are all I need and my styles come out beautifully … As far as washing & conditioning  I shampoo once a month, using Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shampoo, and Co-wash biweekly with w/e Conditioner I feel like but just this past week I used the Tresemme Naturals Conditioner! O-mazing! I hope to make that a staple :)  I don’t care for Aussie Moist Conditioner that & Herbal Essence’s Totally Twisted Shampoo are the only two products I’ve tried and disliked in my hair so far. But the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration works lovely!

Closet Sneaks: I am a die hard Forever 21 fan, oh well I should probably mention that I am super cheap! I love shopping for sales & clearance items (but never should it look cheap, thats a problem!) I’ve been thrifting a lot for the past year though … $.99 thrift store by my school is all I need and I’m creating flawless outfits .. most of my closet is thrifted or XXI. As far as shoes go, I just need t he staple colors black,brown,red,blue,purple,gray,pink & nude and I’m set! I typically go cheap with shoes though Fordham Road in East Bronx is the place to be! Beauty Bucket: Makeup! Ahh.. my first love!! I love the stuff .. I jut need a few things for my makeup look 120 color Beauties factory palette, LA Colors Traditional Palette, MAC Select SPF concealer & Falsies  Mascara (along w/ the essential brushes) & as far as my skincare regimen I use St.Ive’s Olive Oil Cleanser & Jergens face cream afterwards LOTS OF WATER

Inspired by: My fashion style has definitely been inspired by internet fashion a lot lately, whatever I see on Tumblr or blog/vlogs one day inspires whatever I wear for the next day… as for my lifestyle I do my best for it to be Christ motivated… not easy but one day I’ll get it right by the Grace of God.

Advice to All: Going natural is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and through going natural I can honestly I’ve come further into my beauty, my God given beauty. Its more than just outward appearance .. .you have to love and accept yourself .. you’re not perfect but you were made by a perfect God who loves you.

On the web; check out my Youtube: pSVICs & my Tumblr: chicenoire!
I love blogging/vlogging because its my way to truly and comfortably express myself and share what I know plus its fun! …I’m somewhat of an introvert so my cyber friends are the best ones!

Typically: I post whatever I’m feeling, natural hair videos, outfits, & opinions on things I see and read.

On my YT channel you can expect more of my hair journey, spiritual advice, more ootd’s, hotd’s and whatever is requested!

share with me: what do you think of Sindy’s style?

~Hope you enjoyed

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