natural living: curing yeast infections


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A healthy you is the best you! You’ve heard it said before, but it’s absolutely true. We can’t have the best hair care practices, but neglect our bodies, and expect our hair to grow beautiful, and for that matter our skin to be healthy. I have a new series of postings and particularly vlogs I’ll be making that will touch on natural healthy living. It will be documenting what I plan to do in my own life as far as being healthy and I’ll share with you what I have learned and researched along the way.

For today’s posting, let’s talk about yeast infection. A lot of people have it and don’t even know it, some are unaware of how they can get it, but here is a natural way to remove it should you or someone else you know suffer from the problem. By the way, an easy way to catch a yeast infection is by eating too much sugars.

Watch this awesome video on a remedy (a la naturale) and some information on yeast:

share with me: what are your experiences with yeast? Ever had it? How did you get over it?

~Hope you enjoyed

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  1. Yes Good post. Now little bit information which also give some information about How to treat Yeast Infection? What is Lactobacillus Acidophilus. ? What remedy have to use and what to not be exceed. What is acidophilus side effects and more…

    • lactobacillus acidophilus is a 1billion good microorganisms that is in my opinion better than yogurt. it comes in tasty chewable tablets or powder form. but taking it daily cleans out unhealthy microorganisms in the vagina. Research it/ ask your pcp if they’ll recommend it.


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