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Hello lovelies! Happy Tuesday. Hope your natural hair tresses are doing well. Today we have the pleasure of meeting 5 year old Mijoi, a little naturalista with a ton of hair. Hope you enjoy learning how her mommy cares for her hair.

Please introduce yourself to us: Hello everyone I am Quiana Brown. I am a mother of 3. Kayvone is 15, Kayshawn is 12 and Mijoi is 5. They are my heart and my life. I love to bake. I’m actually starting a business and I am looking forward to it growing. And my cakes are amazing.

Please introduce the lovely Mijoi to us: Mijoi Nevaeh is my chocolate princess. She is your typical girly girl lol. She loves manicures , playing dress up and when my sister Janee makes her ice cream Sundays. Kind of spoiled I guess but she is my only girl (shrugs shoulder)

How and why did you decide to go natural yourself?: I think a little less than eleven years ago I decided to go natural. I had my first perm when I was 13 going to high school. And I was so excited cause I thought everyone was supposed to have one. But after getting burned every time I got a touch up and not being able to keep my hair straight I gave up. Forget that I’m a quitter. At the time it wasn’t about being “natural” or making a statement. It was more about my sanity because I would get so frustrated. So one day I twisted my hair up and left it hoping that it would loc. It took over a year for it to loc and I fell in love. My hair finally became a part of me. After seven years and a lot of stress I cut my hair. In order for me to give you a full answer on why I would have to write a book lol. I permed it and had a short do , terrible I know. But it didn’t last long. I never even got a touch up. I went right back to growing it out. I’m in the process of growing my locs back now. And I’m falling in love all over again.

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What causes you to keep Mijoi natural? Now that I have Mijoi I am trying to lead by example. To perm your hair is a personal choice and to each is own. But I want her to just be happy and feel beautiful with who she is. Not what people think she should be. I know how much getting perms bothered me and that I got sick of picking scabs out my scalp. I don’t want that for her. I see these little girls with bald edges and full heads of weave going to elementary scare and it bothers me. What about your beautiful baby would make you look at them and decide that a perm would make them perfect. I couldn’t imagine making her feel that pain I felt from those chemicals.

What is little Mijoi’s current regimen, and how do you get her hair to grow and grow? I must admit I had no idea what a regimen was until I started watching YouTube videos last year lol. I basically do like my mom did with me and my four sisters. It worked fine for us.  Wash and condition twice a month. Keep her scalp oiled.  Either keep it braided in cornrows  or big two strand twists. Mijoi refuses to wear her hair out. She will flip out lol. As far as her length I don’t do anything special. My mom and my sisters all grow long  thick hair so I guess it’s in her DNA. A lot of people ask me how I get her hair to grow like that. I’m not natural nor did I decide to keep her natural for length. On a scale of 1 to 10 in the natural hair scheme of things long hair is a 1. You should just want healthy hair. Everything will fall into place in due time.

I saw you mentioned via a tweet that a lot of folks ask you to straighten Mijoi’s hair, or if she is mixed, debunk that: The only thing that this little girl is mixed with is Princess/Diva lol. She wants what she wants and doesn’t except anything less. But her biological father is black. Dark skinned at that. It can get frustrating because people don’t give black women enough credit. Why do we have to be mixed or did something special for our hair to grow. Also I tell people who don’t know me about my oldest son. His hair was almost as long as Mijoi it just wasn’t as thick. His was way softer and curlier. People would ask me if he was a girl, with his jeans and timbs on along with his fitted.

What about you as a mommy? How do you maintain your own head of hair, and a busy lifestyle? Currently my hair is in very small braids so that it can loc up. It’s been that way since September of 2012. Sadly I don’t do much , I just keep it clean. Oil my scalp and 85% of the time I wear head wraps. I love love how they look on me. I may pin my hair up or to the side if I don’t feel like wrapping it up. Since Mijoi hair is Ike a whole other person my hair don’t get done often. I’m sure once my locs get more mature I will start doing more like I used to. I’m happy with my hair though. I love what it represents.

What are some of the tips and tricks that have helped your and Mijoi along the journey? Just in the last year or so I have been learning about natural products and what they do for you. So I just try and keep it very simple. You have to start combing from the ends and make sure it’s damp. A leave in conditioner is heaven sent lol. Makes things so much easier. We stay away from heat also.

How important do you think diet and exercise is to healthy hair growth? And have you used or not used anything of the sort? I’m sure how you eat and your health can play a major part in your hairs health. When I was younger none of that ever crossed my mind like most. But now that I’m 34 I take everything into consideration. I’m just getting into working out and eating healthier. Not for my hair though I had my gallbladder removed and it scared the heck out of me. I don’t ever want to be sick like that again. If my hair happens to grow longer in the process I guess that’s a bonus. So far the only thing that made my hair grow like weeds was being pregnant with Mijoi lol.

So what makes you naturally fly and fabulous? I think what makes me and my princess naturally fly and fabulous is that we look like us. We are proud of our kinks and aren’t willing to change for anyone. Our Black is beyond beautiful it’s astonishing.

What’s in your hair product arsenal? I’m far from a product junkie. Like Kevin Hart said , see I have a checking and a savings lol. I don’t have money to spend on all that fancy stuff. I always used children’s products in her hair. It wasn’t until she was turning five that I stopped using Johnson and Johnson for curly hair. It was working and I was satisfied. For myself I would use Pantene for natural hair or what ever I would find on sale. For my locs though I used the whole Jamaica Lime line. Love that stuff. Now I make coconut milk shampoo with a recipe I found on Pinterest. It cleans and conditions perfectly. I use coconut oil ( my favorite thing on earth) on our scalp. I buy Trader Joes brand , very affordable. I don’t blow dry her hair unless its very cold in our house. I just put in in big two strand twist and let it dry over night. If I don’t have coconut oil , I’m grabbing the Extra Virgin Olive Oil out the kitchen. I always have that on hand. Lately I find my self focusing more on trying to make our hair products. They work and again it’s affordable. I think everyone should try it.

Have a favorite hairstyle for Mijoi? Share it with us: I love when her hair is in two strand twist because you can style them and it looks so pretty. Corn rows going back are great to because she can fit all her hats. And she loves hats. Once in a while I will give her ponytails with big bobos. So girly and cute.

How do we keep up with you online? I don’t have many pages.

And lastly what’s one thing you look forward to in 2013? I’m looking forward to my hair maturing and growing, keeping Mijoi hair healthy and making sure she stays confident. Also building my business and spreading the word about my amazing cakes. And as usual just being with my family. They are my everything.

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this wonderful feature on Mijoi and her mommy. If you’d like to also be featured be sure to check the Be Featured page, or send me a link to a photo on your instagram/facebook/twitter -no private pages please or I will not be able to see it. Till next time, take care lovelies!


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