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Naptural Living with Naturi Beauty

Ms. Shelley Chapman

Welcome beautiful! We’re so excited to launch this segment of the Afroniquely You Blog.  As always we love bringing you to the forum, up close and personal.  So myself, Shelley of Naturi Beauty and Sasha-Shae of Afroniquely You are partnering in our life-style series where you ask the questions and I share tips and tricks on not just natural beauty, but cooking and living too.  Some of you may already know that I’m a creative personal cheffin’, kitchen chemist beauty product makin’, bloggin’, lifestyle leader on all things beautiful, yummy and green. I’m always doing my part to keep this wondrous Universe up to par, Naturi Beauty style.  And I want to hear from you.  Every month, I’ll be answering questions on natural beauty and hair care, culinary how-tos and overall green living.  We’ll explore everything from what ingredients can stunt double as a dessert and a skin moisturizer to which every day household cleaning products can be replaced with baking soda and vinegar!  Yep, we’ll have you looking at ingredients in an entirely different way. E-mail me and let’s live napturally.

“I seem to suffer from dry hair no matter what season, do you have any suggestions to help moisturize natural hair during the summer?” –Atlanta, GA

I understand!  Typically, most people use the same hair products throughout the year and wonder why their hair does not perform the same.  Different climates, temperatures, hair-types and seasons call for different products. Period.  There are a few lucky sistahs that I know who can get away with it, but most of us (myself included) have to switch it up from time to time.  During the summer, a lot of us are very active hopping around from swimming pools, to outdoor workouts to cookouts to sun bathing to home and back out again.  We’re constantly exposing our hair to the likes of sweat, chlorine and the elements.  Just imagine all of the changes our beautiful locks are going through.  So to put our tresses at ease and make sure that through it all, she’s still shining and beaming like she was born to do, it’s important to take extra care using some of the following tips

  1. Going to the pool?  Bring your favorite leave-in conditioner and let her marinate in your hair before you hop in! She’ll give you a sweet little barrier between toxin and tress.
  2. A lil loco for coco? I am.  Coconut oil-She’s my mainstay during the summer and she loves to hang out on my ends, I’m sure she’ll love yours too.
  3. Invest in a steamer.  Not the kind for sticky rice, those are great too. But you know the ol’ school lookin’ hooded bonnet type, that lets out hot steam instead of hot air! It’s the business and I hang out under there at least 30 minutes every weekend.
  4. Smash Avocadoes! That’s right, one avocado (nice and fatty), a dollop of honey (attracts more moisture) and a blender.  Apply this paste to hair as a conditioner and smile when your hair shines.
  5. Drink up.  Water. Water. More Water.

We hope you will all enjoy this new series as it is geared to bring information to the fore-front. What foods to eat, recipes to try, beauty tips and more that are natural, safe and healthy. And a big thank you to Shelley for doing this with me! Feel free to email Shelley any topics you have for this section at: or email me at and we will be sure to address your questions.

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What do you think about the new series?

Stay blessed and Afroniquely You!

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