naptural living series with shelley: going vegetarian and your hair


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Shelley Chapman Naptural Living with Naturi Beauty Series on Afroniquely You

Naptural Living with Naturi Beauty

The response for this month’s questions were tremendous. I dig the fact that so many Afroniquely You/Naturi Beauty readers are taking strides to enhance their beautiful selves.  With the plethora of choices we have nowadays, it can be challenging to filter through the goods and pick the best.  That’s why this column is here to save you time and provide answers, allowing you to maximize your beautiful life.

Question 1:

Naptural Living with Naturi Beauty Vegetarian Palette on Afroniquely You

“I’ve been wanting to consume less meat but I don’t quite want to become a full fledged vegetarian, can you give me some tips on how to transition and ways to have more meatless meals?”

Welllllll as the resident Flexitarian this is one of my favorite topics.  First, I commend you on adjusting your eating habits to take in more plant-based meals.  It can be challenging to get in the greens and surely indulging in meatless meals is one way to do that.  Not to mention, there are countless benefits to reducing the meat intake such as giving your digestive system time to rest, repair and restore because it takes an apple an hour to digest compared to beef…which takes several days (sometimes weeks).

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You can start by choosing meatless breakfasts’ and lunches.  Instead of downing that sausage, egg and cheese bagel on your way to work, you can try a tomato and tofu scramble on pita.  As lunch time rolls around, enjoy spinach lasagna and side salad instead of the chicken club.  As you get more comfortable, go for a meatless dinner and put away the stuffed chicken breast and try stuffing a portobello mushroom with spinach, grilled red onion and feta cheese.

Remember, transitioning is not about replacing meat with meat substitutes (although that makes it easier) but it’s really about approaching vegetables in an enjoyable way.  If all else fails and you need more inspiration, feel free to try my favorite Indian Tofu recipe or my favorite broccoli side dish!

Question 2:

Naptural Living with Naturi Beauty Moroccan Delight on Afroniquely You

“I am seeking a good vegetarian palette that not only soothes my taste buds Moroccan style, but will help my hair grow and nourish my body, any suggestions?”

Morocco has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet with a cuisine that comes in at a close second. Fragrant waters such as orange flower water or rose water are used traditionally in cakes, sweets, tagines (stews) and salads.  The smell of the water conjures thoughts of a first love, a romantic place and pure harmony.  Imagine how you feel after having one bite of food made with this stuff!  Actually, you don’t have to imagine, you can try it here with this Orange Carrot Salad recipe.

Of course these Fragrant Waters pull double duty for foodies and beauties. Rose water is full of skin and hair softening properties and is key in my Kitchen Chemist Aloe-Rose Hair Moisturizing Spritz.  Just take 1/4 cup rose water and 1 TB aloe vera juice in a spray bottle and lightly spritz your hair with it before styling.  Parched, natural hair and rose water make the best marriages.  They create their own lovely smelling bouquet of love and transform your tress into velvet.

What more could you ask for? Fragrant waters + Moroccan inspired food + Moisturized hair = Heaven :)

For next month’s post on Living Napturally with Naturi Beauty, remember to send your questions to Shelley of Naturi Beauty at or you can post them on the fan page at Afroniquely You on Facebook

Shelley Chapman
The Food Relationship Coach™

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  1. I am really trying to at least be a pescetarian, because I just love my seafood too much. I’m definitely going to try the moisturizing spritz with the rose water. Sounds like it smells divine.

  2. I am trying very hard to eat as much veggies as possible…kinda difficult if you meat kinda girl….hopefully this post and subsequent ones will inspire to cook up veggie foods for my well-being..

  3. I love how going natural sparks an interest in women to take a more holistic approach at their health. First it’s going natural, then it’s exercising, then it eating healthier, then it eating less meat, etc. It is such a beautiful thing!

    • you can purchase it locally in any Whole Foods, or Trader Joes or any health food stores, or online at Amazon, Rose Mountain Herbs, From Nature with Love and such places. Hope that helps.


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