Head and Shoulders Moisture Care Collection Review

Head and Shoulders Moisture Care Collection

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Head and Shoulders Moisture Care

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Head and Shoulders Moisture Care Collection Pre-Review

Winter time tends to be a disaster on my hair because, for whatever reason, being anemic and then having issues retaining moisture to begin with, it becomes even more of a challenge in the colder months. I was sent these products to review, and while I don’t have dandruff, I do have hair that’s chronically dry in these colder months and as a result my scalp sometimes just feels tight. I opted to try these to see how my hair and hubby’s hair would react using them.

The Products

S'well Bottles - 160x600

Included in the collection are the 2 in 1 moisture care shampoo+conditioner, the co-wash moisture care conditioner and the moisture care scalp soother.

The Claims

The collection is advertised as being one that would provide moisture to the hair and scalp immediately and over time help to effectively eliminate dandruff and leave you flake-free. It’s also enriched with ingredients such as Vitamin E rich almond oil, coconut essence and zinc pyrithione (ZPT) which is the active dandruff fighter.
Thoughts & Results

Please note: I did a patch test on myself (since my hair was still in a protective style) and I did a full out wash and test session as well on my husband’s hair. Initially I figured these would smell medicated, but was actually surprised that they had a clean scent to them (if you’ve used any form of dandruff or specialized shampoos in the past, you know that weird smell). Head & Shoulders did a great job of making these products all smell clean and refreshing (a slight hint of the zinc is there, but it is nowhere near overbearing).

The Shampoo has this creamy consistency, and for my really highly textured afro hair, it worked out well. I was actually able to detangle slightly with the shampoo in my hair.

As for the Co-Wash, I really enjoyed this product. It was creamy, it felt smooth on contact and also left my hair feeling softer. I was able to also detangle with ease while this product was on my hair – so that’s awesome! I also used this on my husband’s hair, and it felt really soft on his hair, the little curls just started to pop on contact.

The Scalp Soother is said to cool the scalp and to improve its moisture balance. After I had washed my hair, I gently dried it (blotting) and then followed up with a few pumps of the Scalp Soother to my scalp. Instantly I could feel the cooling effects and overall, I’d say it’s nice.

I would have to continue to use these and see how well my hair reacts and I do plan to test it on a friend who suffers from mild dandruff/dry scalp. Overall, I think this collection is pretty great. It did deliver on the moisture and the scalp soother seems to be working well from what I can tell.

The Hubby’s Process

prior to washing (hair not brushed haha)
washing the hair, conditioner applied, the rinse out.
curls poppin! hair felt moisturized

My Results

dry winter hair
during the wash, conditioner shot and then the results of my patch test

Closing Remarks

If you’re suffering from dandruff, or maybe like me, just really dry winter hair and a dry-tight scalp as a result, I suggest giving this collection a try. For me, I can use these products once (or a max of twice) per week, and I am expecting great results. Head and Shoulders scientists explored the unique needs and characteristics of African American hair and found a drastic need for moisture and protection. Head & Shoulders NEW Moisture Care collection, with Vitamin E rich almond oil and coconut essence, provides moisture for scalp and hair immediately and also over time, eliminating dandruff and leaving you 100% flake-free. For more information, visit Head & Shoulders on Facebook (www.facebook.com/headandshoulders) and follow @HeadShoulders on Twitter.


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