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Hola my lovelies! It’s been quite an interesting few days since Sandy visited. I have not been able to come online as I’d like to do actual updates here on the blog, and believe me I have tons of natural hair, modest fashion and lifestyle etc posts I want to share, or atleast, that are in circulation in my head.

I wanted to quickly come on by and give you all some updates. As I posted on the FB Fan Page, I am basically in aftermath of Sandy and as well just trying to get and lend out help where I can. My home thankfully wasn’t destroyed, but our landlord made mention that the basement was flooded out completely, and I do know currently in my home there is no light, nor heat. I had mentioned about seeing how the Rockaways here in NYC looks just rough and sad, and so does Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, namely Coney Island. I will be posting prayerfully once again starting next Monday back in regular swing of things. However, it is reported that those affected who still have yet to get back light and heat and such, might not get back light for even up to 7 weeks…umm ridiculous!! So please continue to pray with me that God will surely work a miracle for everyone affected. Overall, I am extremely thankful that Jesus still works mighty miracles, because it could have all been much worse than it was and is.

Also, I got to glimpse the tons of emails regarding Challenge Mail, due to the hurricane, I wasn’t able to post, since I had no anything. I’m staying with friends for the time being till they atleast give my area back the light and some heat. Biggest question was “is the challenge still going on?” and YES! For sure it is! I’m all excited about my growth too, but I’ll try to issue out the Nov Package and first Nov Challenge Mail for this coming Friday, plus a check-in will be expected that day. Hope you’ve all been sticking to it.

As for the Giveaways! I hope you all entered, I’ll be annoucing the winners for Monday, so you still have time (UNTIL Friday) to enter since I was unable to even come around and check during that whole week.

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I’ve got sooooo much I wanted to accomplish for you all on the blog, and this whole thing set me back, but that won’t stop me! Looking forward to making this site even more accessible and better to suit your needs for hair, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fun and more. :)

So fill me in loves, how are you all? Anyone affected by Sandy? Anyone have updates to share about their hair/life/etc? Leave me a comment below, I love hearing from you all.

Till I get back, stay blessed and remember to make the most of everything by God’s grace!


~Hope you enjoyed! Till next time stay lovely and afroniquely you!

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  1. Hey Shae! I am glad to hear from you. I hope that you lights and heat are restored to you home soon, as well as all those who are without their basic needs. I pray that power is restored sooner than 7 weeks, because of the cold weather and the snow that seems to be hitting the area again. Graciously, sandy didn’t hit my area in philly too hard.
    For me everything is going well. I just put in some mini two strand twist in my hair. Hoping to keep them in for two weeks. My hair likes to unravel no matter what I use, especially the back because it’s so fine. But over all i am enjoying them :)
    Glad to hear that you are okay. You and everyone hit by Sandy are in my thoughts. Take care

  2. Thanks very much Jess! :) In all things, I have to be thankful, because God will never give us more than we are able to bear, and besides, He’s in the storms with us, so it’s even easier to bear!


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