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Wow! It’s already 15 days into the new year!!! Where is time flying to? Happy 2015 lovelies! It’s crazy to think 2014 was just here, and now we’re already well into this brand new year. So I’m back to blogging (yipee!), but I’ve made a resolve in myself to do it my way this go around. Often times I felt like an inadequate blogger, or even a failure, but in this new year and going forward, nothing can place emotional/mental/physical baggage on me unless I allow it. This is the year for me to overcome fear, and to not only conquer goals, but to inspire others to do the same!

Conquering Goals

For this year I have a lot of things planned. But first I have to tell you. When I celebrated my birthday Dec 31 and got home like 5:30am Jan 1 because hubby and a few friends and I went to a gospel concert all the way out in Bronx/Harlem area, I was too pooped to even post anything. Then it happened, I felt this surge of fear “I already failed!” “It’s a brand new year and I’m off to a bad start” is all I could tell myself. But who determines what works for me? Only God and myself can do that. So now that I’ve finally caught a handle on things, I’m sharing my first post, and I am excited!!!!!!


Goal 1: Minimalism

I want to be more minimalist in the things I do, and what I allow into my space. Whether it’s what I watch, what I’m doing, where I’m going. My view of minimalism is to do what is needful and that will propel me to be better.


Goal 2: Blog Consistently

Organization and consistency is key in blogging. I know I mentioned it before but it’s really true. This year I’m looking forward to sticking to a schedule. I know I may not get to post 5 times a week, but if I can start small and set myself to post on at-least the same two days every week it’s a good start. I think for me Tuesdays and Fridays seem to be the days when I have a little freedom. So Tuesdays+Fridays expect postings here on Afroniquely You. I’ll also be keeping updated on my social media with daily posts for Instagram | Twitter | Facebook and making YouTube videos (aiming for vids at-least once per month)


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Goal 3: Blog What I LOVE!

Seriously, for years I was afraid to introduce topics I love like: design and art, home decor, fashion and beauty etc, because I felt like what if people wouldn’t understand it? But guess what? This is my space, a space where I share what I really love. That includes hair and it’s maintenance but it definitely includes much more than that. In-fact the definition of being Afroniquely You involves the whole person, not just one aspect of what they chose to portray. I hope you all will enjoy seeing new posts in that area.


Goal 4: Share my Design Work more

Ok, so maybe you know, and maybe you don’t. I am a Visual Artisan working specifically in Graphic and Web Design, but over the years of my blogging I hardly ever shared my paintings, my digital art, my web designs and work I’ve done for people like my local church. Going forward, I will be sharing my artworks, and taking you all on the journey, including when I come up with a few series of greatness! Check out my portfolio site too, and I am also available for hire!


Goal 5: Collaborate and Celebrate

I’ve been blogging since 2008, and I actually never did one of those blogging anniversary parties, no events of my own or any of that. This year I’d love to actually collaborate more with fellow bloggers, and brands and also where possible celebrate not just my blogging, but wonderful bloggers and folks on a whole in an event/meetup. I’m looking forward to having more guest bloggers, more hair features in addition to new features in other topics and overall and wonderful time here on Afroniquely You Blogazine.

I hope this little list of my goals to conquer this year help remind you to push forward and also that starting late according to the man, don’t mean you are a failure! Do things when it’s right for you!

I am so looking forward to really getting to back into the habit of blogging and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all and better- meeting you all across these interwebs. Come back Friday for another installment of awesome, till then ciao bella!

Alright, tell me below, what are some of your very own goals for 2015?


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~Hope you enjoyed! Till next time stay lovely and afroniquely you!

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xoxo Shae

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  1. Way to go Sasha! I can definitely relate to being hesitant to introduce other topics, but as you said, it’s your space and none of us are one-dimensional. The pressure to “keep up” can get fierce but I set my sights on my goals and keep it moving. Loving the minimalist tip as well. I’ve been trying to downsize and get rid of unnecessary “stuff” in all area of my life. Best to you in 2015!

    • Thanks sis! Yes I am so ready to downsize, Lord knows I actually need to lol, get rid of all the clutter from years past and just move forward more freely with less load. Here’s to us reminding everyone we are not one-dimensional and instead multifaceted, and our blogs will profess that in 2015 and beyond!


  2. Hi Sasha, nice to meet you :) My blogging goal for this year is also consistency. I let small obstacles throw me off and it becomes difficult to post on schedule. But I am starting the year strong and I look forward to seeing your design posts! (I need tips! lol)


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