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It’s time to get rid of all the myths that surrounds natural hair. I am just going to highlight the top myths I’ve heard/seen in my lifetime:

Myth 1: Natural Hair Is Hard To Maintain:

This is the most common myth out there. If you think about it, every hair type is a bit hard to maintain, but the beauty lies in learning how to handle your hair properly. Natural is no easier or harder to deal with than the relaxed girl who has no idea what she is doing.

Myth 2: Natural Hair is Super Strong

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While this may appear so, I (and I am sure many will agree) beg to differ. Natural hair due to being in it’s most preferable state may be a bit stronger than that damaged by chemicals, however, it is not invincible towards breakage and damage. Natural hair is actually very fragile. Its not even fair to say especially when wet or dry, because when it is wet, it allows the hair the comb better, but at the same time you don’t want to be rough. Meantime, when it is dry you are begging for breakage. So please, don’t give in to the I have super strong hair and it will not break myth! Take care and protect your hair!! That way it will stay strong without the side effects.

Myth 3: Natural Hair Can NOT Grow!

Oh boy…if this isn’t the story of life, I don’t know what is…Especially being black men and women, people don’t usually think our hair can grow beyond the neck. Once you can get your hair to be past your shoulders “you must be mixed!!” This is such a big misconception, and sadly it generates more so in our own community. Black hair does grow, and more specifically, black NATURAL hair (hair that is more referred to as nappy, kinky or any other demeaning terms out there) does grow!

Myth 4: I Can’t Comb Natural Hair

Just like myth 1, people feel that fine I can try the “natural thing”, but I can’t exactly comb my hair. I don’t have time to comb my hair everyday, or to fight with it, as they put it. Truth be told, natural hair doesn’t need to be combed so frequently..For that matter no hair does. Protective styles were made for a reason, to help you grow, to help you leave your hair alone, while it’s still in a decent style, and to overall allow your sanity to remain in tact.

Myth 5: Natural Hair is a Trend

While it might seem so, natural hair is not a trend, or atleast we hope it’s not becoming one! However natural hair is just a way to embrace what you were given by God. And also a declaration, you love and embrace it and you are willing to live with it. Too often we see if girls go natural, that someone will say they are just trying to be another soul sista who is now into the be one with the earth or something political. But not everyone is. Yes being natural teaches you to be kinder to yourself and a whole lot more benefits, but for most of us, being natural is just learning to let go, and accept what you truly are. A Natural Godsent!

There are so many other myths out there..if any of you have some you would like to share, email me at: hairmail@sashashae.com and I will gladly do a follow up to this post.

In the meantime, stay blessed and Afroniquely You!

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  1. all races think black people natural har can't grow. its ridiculous. most black people just dont know how to look after there hair and just end up relaxing it (fact)


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