Currently in September

Currently in September

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Hi lovelies! Happy Monday to you all. It’s already September, I’m sitting here like “where did this year go already?!?!”. Soon we’ll be bundled up in jackets up to our eyeballs and unfortunately slipping around on ice (can you tell I am no winter fan?). Anyways, recently I came across this post on Pen and Peplum sharing little moments in life at the current moment. I felt it was a great bit to share, so I wanted to give my go at it.



[column]MAKING brand new logo designs for a friend.
COOKING lots of salmon and trying to get into a vegan habit!
DRINKING tons of orange juice, cranberry juice and water
READING my Bible more because I’ve been slacking.
WANTING a sustainable job that can provide for myself and my family.
LOOKING at gorgeous design across the web.
PLAYING Two Dots and Jelly Splash.
WASTING my time by gawking at prettiness on the web.
SEWING  nothing yet, but soon an outfit.
WISHING I had a tub of cherry-vanilla bean ice cream.
ENJOYING my husband and his silliness too.
WAITING for my breakthrough to come!
LIKING the simple things in life because simplicity is beautiful.
WONDERING how long till my breakthrough and praise story arrives?[/column]

[column]LOVING family, friends and little moments of design victory.
HOPING to accomplish some goals set out for the week.
MARVELING at how things we take for granted means the world to others.
NEEDING to get in shape and stop procrastinating.
SMELLING NYC smokey air.
WEARING tank top, headwrap and shorts.
FOLLOWING Jesus because He’s the only way!
NOTICING things I am lacking in.
KNOWING that though I am struggling right now, better will come.
THINKING about the event I have later today.
BOOKMARKING way too many awesome links on Prismatic.
OPENING nada..unless you count the bathroom and front door (oh and the fridge!)
GIGGLING at the silly videos I see on instagram.
FEELING a bit nervous, but I know I can do the things my heart desires because Jesus is with me.[/column]

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Let’s Talk Confidence and beauty…

Another thing I wanted to share in light of all the recent situations going on across social media. I think as women we need to have real discussions about our worth and our confidence. Too many times we shy away and hide behind self-created walls, but why?

Have there ever been a time you felt at your worst or felt as though you weren’t worthy? I wanted to let you know you are beautiful, you are strong! You are needed and you are loved. Confidence comes from your own self acceptance and it’s time we as women help propel the positivity forward. I am so Glad that U by Kotex has opted to help spark conversations on confidence, and just inner beauty with women everywhere.

Share with me, what’s one thing about yourself that leaves you exuding confidence and shining your beauty?

Save the undies with U by Kotex

In fact, U by Kotex wants to also help us feel a bit safer and less icky during that time of month and they created the #savetheundies campaign with these wicked cool pads that have a 3D capture core (which I wrote about in all their glory prior) that will help bring relief to not only your undies but your sanity during that mucky time of the month. Grab yourself a FREE sample and experience period-confidence!!

[st_hover_bordered_button text_color=”#ffffff” link=”” background=”#09111a” size=”large” target=”_blank” icon=”heart” border_radius=”” border_type=”ss-double”]GRAB YOUR FREE SAMPLE![/st_hover_bordered_button]

Thanks to U by Kotex® Pads for sponsoring today’s discussion


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~Hope you enjoyed! Till next time stay lovely and afroniquely you!

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xoxo Shae

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