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Easy Does It with Dove Quench Absolute Creme Serum

**This post is sponsored by Target** You know that song or saying “if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again”? Well, let’s just say, if...

Hubalou Wrap Review -Frizz Buster

Excellent replacement for the microfiber towels that leaves hair frizzy. This dries the hair while leaving it soft, and frizz free! Works great on natural hair especially afro-textured type 4 hair.

Over 4 Ways to Protect your Natural Hair this Winter

What's up lovely?! Can you believe it's already December?! Where is time flying to? Today, I wanted to share 4 quick and easy ways you can protect your...

The 7 Hair Hacks you Must Know!

Here are 7 amazing hair hacks your ought to know to keep your #naturalhair in order this winter and beyond!

The Mane Choice Deep Conditioner Review -Natural Hair

The Mane Choice Deep Conditioner Green Tea & Carrot Treatment Mask, an in-depth look at the mane choice deep conditioner for our tresses. Is it worth the hype??

Mandatory Winter Check In – Feb

Hey my lovelies!! Yes, February has ended and March is here, and our natural hair is making moves on the growth chart. Here's our mandatory check in for...

TBCH Challenge- Jan Check-In Week 2

Hola my lovelies!! It's that time: TBCH Challenge Check In time!! Whether you're new to the challenge or you've been here before, check ins are really easy! Simply respond in the comments section your responses to the questions, and that's it!

aloe vera magic (pre-poo goodness)

I'm back..back from where? Well back as I've recovered from my sudden immersion into a tiring job. Needless to say, I'm scrambling to find adequate time to give...

Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Collection review

I really wanted to try the new Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair collection to see how it would work on my highly textured type 4 hair. Read on and see how the collection worked for me.

Head and Shoulders Moisture Care Collection Review

  This post is sponsored by P&G Head and Shoulders Moisture Care Collection Pre-Review Winter time tends to be a disaster on my hair because, for whatever reason, being anemic and...

stretch your natural hair without heat!

Hey lovelies! Hope your natural hair is doing fantastic! So I was looking for a way to stretch my natural hair and of-course, banding was my first thought,...

ever wondered what hair type you have?

A lot of us probably haven't even thought about hair types or even know what I am refering to..Well before I became natural I had no idea what it was either. I would read articles and people would say "I have 3b hair" or "what sdo you use for 4b hair?" and while reading those articles blank expressions would be on my face. I was clueless. Well I'd like to take this time to share with you the world of Hair Typing.

tbch oct 2012- week 1 Check IN

Hey my lovely natural hair TiGis!! {TexturedGirls that is}. How are you surviving the challenge thus far?? Hope it's been a good start for the past two days....

my first set of crochet braids

Hello lovelies! Happy Monday!! :) I'm so thankful God has brought me even to this point, because it could have been otherwise. Hope all of you are having...

Natural Hair Deep Conditioning+Protein treatments

Don't you just love a yummy deep treatment for your natural hair? I know I do, but what if we've been deceived into thinking a deep treatment is something it isn't? Well, today I am looking at a REAL protein treatment, what it takes to make one really effective, why and how, and as well a moisturizing deep treatment and how to avoid hydral fatigue (hair soaking in and loosing too much water).

Blowdry your natural hair without the damage

Effectively blowdry your hair, without the damage, tangles and headache! Easy how-to

style it up! various headwrap styles for natural hair

Ow! So you all remember me posting my love affair for scarves for my natural hair over on both my facebook blog page, and the community page, well...

Fly Natural: Shanita

Yes loves, we're back with another Fly Naturals feature!! Woot! Today I'm featuring a fellow BLMGirl (and if you have to ask what that is, then you better...

TBCH Challenge: Winter 2013 Edition Registration-NOW CLOSED

Hi lovelies! It's time for the Winter 2013 Take Better Care of My Hair Challenge aka the natural hair #TBCHChallenge!! (please note this challenge is good for relaxed...

lush and lavish tresses {moisturizers}

Sometimes we find ourselves needing a big moisture boost, we find ourselves wanting something extra! I mean who doesn't like looking at lush hair? Even more, who doesn't enjoy touching and caressing soft moisturized tresses? It's winter, and in an effort to put a ban on dry crusty hair, here's a quick recipe that should do the trick. Let's talk ingredients that can help moisturize your hair, namely aloe vera juice, rose water and sweet almond oil.

TBCH Jan 2013-Mandatory Check-In

Hey lovelies! Woot woot! January is officially behind us! So here's the deal, today is our mandatory check-in. Just like every other check in you comment below,...

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