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I know what it means to be natural, to be inspired, to be creative, to be free with your ideas. But many may ask, what does it mean to be Afroniquely You? Quite simply  to be Afroniquely You means to embody the whole concept of your natural beauty, on all levels of it. You are not your hair, neither are you your skin, you are the preconceived stigma that society throws at you. You are unique, and yes your hair may be afro textured, but you are blessed beyond measures.

When I came up with the name for this blog, my idea literally was, I am unique and my hair is unique and afro textured..Well it’s afroniquely mine. Since going on my natural journey I have learned so much about myself. A lot of people can tell you going natural is indeed empowering (read posting here). I found that to be Afroniquely You means, to be strong, to be empowered, to be confident, be elevated in your thinking, in your choices. You don’t just use any and everything you see. You choose to eat healthier, and live better.

So what does it mean to be Afroniquely You? It means to permute your lifestyle for the better, become a whole new positive you. As always, stay blessed, and be Afroniquely You!

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Sasha-Shae Shaw is a Visual Artist who is passionate about Natural Hair and it's care, Art and it's various forms, the world of beauty and fashion and her love for design. Follow up on the Tumblr Gallery where you can share your own photos, and check out the design services and portfolio, for all your Graphic, Web Design and Photography or custom craft needs.   Keep in touch with me on twitter, my facebook or my youtube channel and my Google Plus page.


  1. Hi. I am in the process of reverting back to natural hair (my hair hasnt had a relaxer in about 3 months) and I was wondering how to go about it. I have had a relaxer for about a year and a half now and i hate it. Anyt tips or suggestions? Do I have to cut off my hair? I would really appreciate all of the advice you can give me.

  2. Hi Afroniquely! I decided to go natural and I have NO clue where or how to start or even what to do. I haven’t processed my hair since November 2010 and so far my hair is uncontrollable. I need help with a regimen and or tips to control my hair… Can you help me please??


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