aloe vera magic (pre-poo goodness)


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I’m back..back from where? Well back as I’ve recovered from my sudden immersion into a tiring job. Needless to say, I’m scrambling to find adequate time to give love and affection to my beloved Afroniquely You..but alas I’m taking it wherever I can..and so as a comeback, I have to share some good news.

I love aloe vera gel and I love me some castor oil…now who knew an absolute best pre-poo would be the exact combo of the two? Chicoro the fab natural author of the Grow It book in her email newsletters sent a recipe and I decided to try it to some degree.

All I had on hand was castor oil and wee-bit of aloe vera juice left over. So I took a small bowl and placed the juice in it, then placed roughly 3 teaspoons of the castor oil. I applied it to my ultra dry hair, section by section, making sure to coat the hair shaft completely. After I coated my hair I covered my hair with a plastic bag and went to bed for a few hours.

The reaction??

Well my hair was LUCIOUS!! I honestly hadn’t feel my hair be so happy in a long time. It was drenched in moisture. Every last strand felt soft and supple and best of all no knots and crazy matting. Did I mention my hair was super dry before hand?? and un-detangled? I recommend everyone tries this pre-poo. It is well worth it!

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Afterwards I just washed it out. I used shampoo (non-sulfate, the soy cream shampoo by blended beauty) then a light conditioner wash with Elucence. That’s it! Hair was moisturized, I barely had to do any rigorous moisture/sealing after. I just used a little shea butter and that was that.

So a run down of what you need again:

  1. Castor oil (use amount suitable for length and thickness of your hair)
  2. Aloe vera juice (use amount suitable for length and thickness of your hair)
  3. bowl and spoon
  4. plastic cap/bag

A few snapshots of what my hair looked like before and after!

After it met moisture:

A look at the dry mess before and the after-wards moisturized hair:

I’m going to say the castor oil in this is what really gives it that added boost. While aloe is moisturizing, castor oil is known to really add much needed moisture to the hair while removing toxins from the scalp and hair and aiding in relief from a lot of problems. I hope someone gives this pre-poo, better yet this moisture treatment a go. It really does the hair well and can be vital for the winter months especially.


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~Hope you enjoyed! Till next time stay lovely and afroniquely you!

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xoxo Shae

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  1. Thanks for this recipe. I will be trying it, as soon as i get some sinkle bible, on my kids and me hair especially since my daughter will be getting her hair braided soon. We love love love castor oil.
    Question: do you use the aloe straight from the plant or do you have a particular brand that it comes in? Also, can i have the complete name of brand of sulfate free shampoo you used as well as the conditioner?
    Thanks a bunch.

  2. It’s good to see a new post. :) This recipe sounds really good. I’ll have to try it before my next wash.

  3. i will definitely try it……………….and i have loads of both ingredients on hand………….considering adding a bit of honey or acv to it also

  4. YES! Another believer! I actually tried this same pre-poo about three weeks ago, when I did my last shampoo. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. My hair was the most moisturized I had felt it in ages, and it definitely made me feel like it was nicely prepped and protected from any possible drying effects from my clarifying shampoo that was to follow. I’m keeping this recipe in my back pocket for every clarifying shampoo– and maybe even other times when I just feel like my hair needs a little help before a wash. Chicoro is a hair gift that keeps on giving!

  5. My hair’s never dry, but I definitely am doing this treatment with my steamer! I get Chicoro’s emails but somehow missed this one so thanks!

  6. Good tip, I’m going to give this a try. My hair is uber-dry at this very moment and I’ve been dreading the cowash. Now I have something to get me back on track.

  7. Do you think I could put that mixture in a spray bottle and use it everyday or is the aloe vera juice something i have to wash out? Thanks.

    • If you do try it for everyday purposes, I suggest cut down on the oil. Aloe vera gel/juice is something that can be used daily. If you still add the castor oil, be sure to only add say 1 teaspoon to the mix instead. And preferably, if you want to still use the castor oil daily, just add it directly to your scalp and massage it in.

  8. I love this pre-poo! I mad it with aloe vera gel and JBCO. It gave me awesome slip for finger detangling and left my hair well moisturized after shampooing and ACV-rinsing. It’s the best pre-poo/detangling mix I’ve tried. It is now a staple in my regimen.

    • I will be using this too. I was just wondering could i use aloe gel instead of juice…thanks for ur info

      @Sasha thanks for the information…i really needed a new pre poo …..


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