I’m a natural hair, beauty and lifestyle blogger, graphic and web designer and a goal getter. After finishing my degree in Visual Arts, I am now pursuing a career in the world of design. Aside from that, I am a Jesus-loving fun gal, a wife to Le Mr., and a shy but out-going soul, hailing from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I go by Shae for short, and I am delighted to spend these beautiful moments with you here. Thank you for stopping by!


Afroniquely You was born from my desire to pen my own hair journey back in 2008. When I went natural just one year prior, I didn’t really know much of what to do, but I figured it would be good to pen what I do down. Since then, it’s grown to house all my loves: natural hair care, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and arts and design in addition to faith. The aim of the blog is simple: to inspire, to educate and to propel us all forward to live our best lives creatively and with much meaning.


for natural hair

-For the full indepth ten manifestos for natural hair, be sure to check them out here.-
Our natural afro-textured hair is unlike any other. It is strong, it is beautiful, it is different. Wiry, springy, coily, kinky, rough, soft, unruly, can be tamed. Whatever the words we choose to use to describe our unique tresses, just know it’s naturally ours; our gift from God!

for life

Life is meant to be lived creatively, be explored exponentially and to be fulfilled in the will of God.
Praise Jesus often, laugh every moment you get, love and be loved, speak kindly, embrace with grace and truth, do acts of kindness, live boldly, rejoice endlessly, give generously. It is ok to cry, you will be comforted. Sing and dance even if they are watching.


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