Natural 101


Going natural

and maintaining natural afro-textured hair can sometimes be daunting, but it does not have to be that way. This guide is set out to point you in the right direction, fast! So you can go from struggles with your hair to some serious bliss (well we’re hoping that’s what will happen).

Read through the 10 points of beauty (our manifesto) that will guide our hair journeys, and visit the sub sections on porosity and pH balance, hair types and basic washing and moisture regimes. I even link you to the most helpful posts for getting started.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been at this for some time, this guide is tailored for it all.


Natural Hair is Awesome!


manifesto |manɪˈfɛstəʊ|

noun ( pl. manifestos )

a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.

ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Italian, from manifestare, from Latin, ‘make public’, from manifestus ‘obvious’

The Afroniquely You natural’s manifesto refers to the guidelines and aims by which we as natural’s will govern our journey. A public road-block if you will of the top 10 expectations and do’s and don’ts as a natural!



Afroniquely Natural Hair is different than every other hair kind. It is formed different and reacts differently than other hair kinds to products and processes. Our texture is fabulous!


Our hair is versatile! Don't let anyone tell you anything different. Don't fall short to that lie 'oh you a nappy headed girl, you can't grow your hair, you can't style it'. That's a fallacy!


Each and everyone's hair is unique to them and them alone. In other words, don't waste your time comparing yourself and your hair to other's hair. They have theirs and you have yours. It was specifically made for you and you are the only person that can compliment and love it successfully.


Love your hair!! I can't stress this enough! If you don't love your hair, what makes you think others will? This principle is applicable everywhere in life..if you don't care, why should I? Sounds familiar? Well yes, if you don't love it, trust me not more than 5% of others will. When you love yourself, and when you love your hair it shows, and that causes others to love your and your hair because of your own love..try it!


Don't compromise! If you decided to do this I'm sure you did for a good reason. I'm sure you decided to go natural because you realized you can't fit into that quota or mold any longer. Or maybe you've been natural forever, and you just realized you needed a way to make your hair more fantabulous (fantastic and fabulous!). Well, don't compromise, stick to your commitment and goals that you've set and you'll be rewarded in due time.


Patience is a virtue...& yep that saying is totally applicable here. If you don't have patience, cultivate it! You need it to survive any journey, and this my friends is a journey or naturality, natural beauty, a journey of finding who you are naturally. It will take time to get what you want, and be satisfied, but in the end isn't it worth it?


Stop stressing! I mean, if you're going to stress then what's the point of wanting results (good results)? All you'll do is make your hair fall out, your body become tired and achy and you'll just begin to change in a negative way...who wants that? Now a little stress is good, it keeps those kickers in our body going. But a lot of continual stress is detrimental, and you don't need that! So stop stressing out!


Drink a lot of water...water is your friend and can be found virtually almost everywhere. So if you have it around you, drink up!


Water is your friend! Ha! I know you're thinking, didn't Shae just say that? But this deserves two spots on the list. Water is excellent for keeping your hair moisturized. Be careful not to go overboard with wetting your hair and making it suffer hygral fatigue. Dampening the hair on a daily basis gives it that extra kick it needs. But be sure to seal with an oil and/or butter and your fave moisturizers/leave-ins afterwards.


A Healthy lifestyle plays a vital role believe it or not. You avoid eating healthy and it will show from your head to your toes. You need to begin to eat healthy if you haven't already. Get enough sleep and exercise, get that blood pumping through your veins, get your energy levels up with the boost from a nutritious diet.


A lot of us probably haven’t even thought about hair types or even know what I am referring to..Well before I became natural I had no idea what it was either. I would read articles and people would say “I have 3b hair” or “what do you use for 4b hair?” and while reading those articles blank expressions would be on my face. I was clueless. Well I’d like to take this time to share with you the world of Hair Typing.


Hang tight lovely!

explore-blogpostsPlease feel free to use the links below as a guide for finding just what you need, when you need it! I am always open to suggestions too, so feel free to share!

please bare with me as this list is being updated and fixed to better suit you